Published June 27, 2014 by katysoqewl

I know your heart races when *aghm* talks to you, you turn pink, blue and red when he compliments you and your stomach does flips when he texts you even if it just for homework. Your mind boggles when you overhear your name in his conversations and last but not least your heart breaks when he goes on in class about his weekend with “MISHKA”.

Here above are things we can all relate to because it is day to day happenings. All the moulanas probably wind and grind you about how zina is bad in every form!! I know, we get lectures every day, so i am not going to tell you to look at the floor when you walk, but rather you should try following the steps below and INSHA-ALLAH you will be getting less sin:

  • Begin by dumping that boyfriend of yours that is forever giving you grey hair.
  • Cut down your communication with the opposite gender, avoid unnecessary conversations and mixed gender group social circles.
  • I know when STEPHAN&DAMON SALVATORE, CHANNING TATUM, ADNAN JANUZAJ, DOUGLAS BOOTH or for those of you who have “BEIBER FEVER”, JUSTIN BEIBER appear on the TV screen, your eyeballs glare at them like it is running out of fashion. It’s completely normal but you should try to cut down the amount you watch, i am not saying stop Vampire Diaries or Arrow just be more conscious now when you watch.



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