Published June 28, 2014 by katysoqewl

If you don’t shop at ZARA for jackets, Sissy Boy for jeans, Aldo for pumps, Edgars for perfume and don’t go at least once in two months to Sandton just to waste money, you are considered low class. If you don’t show up to every occasion with a different outfit the gossip include,” she is an outfit repeater!” and if you don’t own at least one of the  21st century technological inventions you might as well have lived in the 1800’s. This is the unfortunate yet harsh reality. Peer pressure, the greatest factor that affects us, young muslimahs. BUT remember you are not trying to impress your friends by showing of your R2000 jacket or R3000 new ISSEY MIYAKE perfume; rather you should try to impress Allah by your 2000 durood or 3000 astaghfiullah. I’m not saying, don’t dress up, I’m saying do it in moderation. Don’t wear things simply because all your friends wear it, wear things you like and are comfortable in, because no matter what you wear, it could be the latest JUICY COUTURE, JIMMY CHOO, PRADA or GUESS lines, but still society will have comments. So, you can’t please everybody and don’t bother trying because you will lose your peace in the process. Dress as you like in accordance with the shariah and sweep societies norms under the rug.

Show people that you are not a trend follower but a trend setter. If you want to follow all those celebrities dress up styles, keep this in mind. The qur’aan mentions, “Those who imitate (the ways) of another nation (religion) will be raised with them(on the day of qiyaamah).







2 comments on “DRESSING UP- POST 3

  • Wow sister you are so young yet so wise. Mashallah. Alas there is hope for the youth. I’m so glad someone brought up this mob mentality thing. People always do things, eat at a certain place etc because others are doing it and not because they enjoy it themselves

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