Published July 5, 2014 by katysoqewl

Enough background, now to my story

We arrived in Mauritius; it was sunny with a spectacular breeze. Aneesa was already in her hot shorts and Aadil in his body shorts. They matched a sea blue and red. Scuba diving was the plan for the day and off we went. Aneesa, Aadil, Mum, Dad, aunty Zahra and uncle Zaheer( aneesa’s parents). Yes, you read right, aneesa’s parents are chilled with the idea of her dating. Hanzalah, Tahseen and Amaan had gone to Dubai with cousins so she was over the moon. Aneesa dived, then Aadil and the rest of us. We had a day definitely to be in our fond memories. After a good night’s sleep, we awoke to breakfast in bed, literally an entire buffet of food was before our very eyes. Me being me reached for the red velvet cupcakes and ate almost all of them. I know you waiting for the part where I instagram it, but I am not that type of girl. So, after I filled my by now exploding tummy, I got dressed in my abaya and went to go help aneesa unpack her 3 pieces of luggage. I know you thinking I’m the north and she’s the south because I wear abaya daily, but I’m trying to change her. When I reached her room she wasn’t there, but I unpacked them anyway and tidied the room. She returned a full hour later and looked quite worried to me, but when I enquired she denied it, so I changed the subject. It was zuhr time so, I went to my room and read namaaz, but couldn’t concentrate thinking about aneesa. With that thought still fresh in my mind, I heard a scream!! I finished my 4 rakaats and went to go and see what happened. It was aunty Zahra and Aneesa was hanging from a rope from the chandelier.





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