Ramadhaan poem

Now that ramadhaan is over

Lets not turn to the four leaf clover

Now that the shayateen are free

Abstain from wrong, it is my plea

Lets not succumb to our desire

Or we be labelled a liar

Lets not  go back to our old ways For in the past is where that stays Ramadhaan should have changed us all And not had made our imaan fall If weak is the state if your heart

Then indeed, you have not mastered this art

Your imaan should be so strong For the next 11 months, it should prevent any wrong But, if you this past month were from amongst the wrong doers

Then indeed you are categorised with the losers

May allah grant us the strength to pursue The good deeds, even if it be few May he grant us reward

So that the ship to Jannah we all may board



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