Published August 1, 2014 by katysoqewl

She entered our Grade: 10 class with an abaya, simple yet elegant. The noor radiating from her face would light up the night sky and her so carefully placed black hijab made it all the more visible.
With the piercing stares of our 30 student class, she walked over to the empty seat located behind me all the while her gaze focussed on our white school tiling.
I greeted her like how i usually did to other girls,” hey!” No response came. I was prompted to ask,” what made you come to this school?” Still silence.
Trying a method i have never used before, i muttered ” asalamualaykum!” Her angelic voice replied,” wa’alaykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatu”
Eager to pursue this conversation, i started making chit chat
” whats your name?”
” where you from?”

We only managed to have a two minute talk, when we were interrupted by the school siren.
As i hurried home that day, something about her intrigued me and i gelt a geeling of inclination. She wasn’t one if those girls that you can get by a few,” i love you’s” or ” you look hot”.Sleeping on the amazing idea of seeing her the next day, i slept soundly.

Over the next 6 months, sumaya and i became “friends”.our relationship was solely based on the fact that she was in my class and i seemed to be on a spiritual buzz whenever i spoke to her, something i had never felt before. She was a genius, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting… You name it and she knew it.
I on the other hand could not care less about my marks.. Aggh i was a typical teenage booy.

It was a sunday night just after supper, i decided to phone and ask about our “test tomorrow” Don’t think i’m changing, it was my mums idea. She picked up the phone and after her professional salaam which i teased her about her since day 1. We spoke, the conversation held no awkward moments or silence just volts, amphs, columbs, current and a whole lot of other formulas. Yep thats right we were doing Electricity :l
After a full 1 1/2 hours on the phone, she excused herself to go and read eesha but her next request startled me,” why don’t you go to the masjid for eesha and i will give my book to my dad to give to you!”

Masjid? I havent been there since the last Ramadhaans Eid Gha.

I agreed and after making wudhu and slipping on my kurta, i left my toom and made my way for the front door. My mum was reading qur’aan and drinking water as she enquired as to where i was going. To the masjid i replied. She seemed to have gaggged on her water. I guess she was shocked out of her wits.





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