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As i was handed my report card that day, along with 2 trophies and a certificate that read, “ Most Improved Learner.” I couldn’t stop my expressions from giving Sumaya a look of gratitude as i walked past. She had a pile of certificates and a box of trophies of varying sizes that filled her legroom.


Arriving home, i placed my trophies on the lounge cabinet and made my way to perform 2 rakaats shukrana salaah. Rising from Tahajjud, after my brief duaa, i was met by my mum who had my report card in hand and blinked repeatedly to see if her eyes might be failing her, i had gotten all A’s for the first time.


Over the next two years, Sumaya and i stayed friends and i completed my hifz, scored A’s and my parents couldn’t help but frame my certificates that were by now covering the entire study and lounge walls.


Our matric marks were released on the school website and as i stared at it, my heart jumped. Sumaya had come first in our province with an average of 99%. I scrolled down and found my name


Muhammed Timol: Maths- 89%


Physics& chemistry- 88%


English- 87%


Accounting- 89%


Afrikaans- 92%


Biology- 94%


Life Orientation- 96%




I praised allah and made my way to the house phone in the kitchen. The ringing was my favourite surah, surah noor and as i answered Sumayas voice entered my ears, made my tummy flip and my heart beat marshmallows ;). She congratulated me in Arabic, a language we had both decided to learn on Saturdays and we competed about who could quote an ayat from the qur’aan about success or along those lines.


I, being the gentlemen that i am let her win. No i lie she was way better than me anyway. I heard the joy in her voice as the call ended and as if it just popped out of my mouth i asked, “ would you be considering marriage to a man like me?” after a silence that seemed like millenniums she replied in the affirmative. My features broke out into a smile as her angelic voice replied, “ na’am”


Not even having being 3 months out of school, i was married to the girl of my dreams. I had liked her from school, but i had to hide my feelings or else she would have cut of all ties with me. In our 3 years as friends, not once did we touch or do anything contrary to Islamic teachings. Our friendship was based on islam and had brought me closer to my rabb.


Today, a father of 4 beautiful children, all aalims and aalimahs, i lay next to Sumaya. This very sumaya that made me love the qur’aan and through finding my creator, i found true love. I am proud to say that, “i had to seek Sumaya through Allah and it might have taken me 3 years, but i don’t regret one bit of it.”









4 comments on “MY EXPERIENCE OF TRUE LOVE- PART 3/3- POST 24

  • Slmz, hope you are well n good, WOW! Khadija your blog is amazing…I really am enjoying.
    I really enjoyed the article: my experience of true love it was amazing.
    May الله take you fron strenght to strenght and may u continue to inspire and motivate us .
    Keep up the gr8 job….
    Your sister in islaam

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