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He completed the 29th juz of the noble qur’aan, my favourite juz just as the earth threw off her blanket of stars and began yet another frantic race around her axis. We made our way to our haram facing Zam-Zam hotel room.

We had been married for 1 ½ years and yet i had not yet fallen pregnant. Since we were both haafidul qur’aan, it was our daily routine to test dhor in the early parts of the morning, before the harsh sunlight ordered our daily chores.

Muhammed had taken off from work and so we decided to come to Makkah rather than travelling abroad. It was just after the Hajj period and Makkah was quiet. We sat together and enjoyed our breakfast, which was not the usual Kahwa and barley. I guess us Arabs are also westernizing.

The sun streamed through the window as we sat in silence staring at the ka’ba. As though he read my mind, muhammed asked if i wanted to go to make tawaaf. We performed our tawaaf hand in hand all the while reading dhikr, read our two rakaats salaah and drank from the noble spring of zam zam.

Our duaa shortly commenced and as we beseeched to the almighty to make us parents and to be able to increase my ummah. The days flew each one like the previous until the day came to journey home back to Riyaadh. Muhammed had to go back to work on Yawmul Ahad and our spiritual holiday had terminated.

3 weeks passed after we had returned and i was begging to feel nausies and i was vomiting and couldn’t understand what was going on. That night as Muhammed and i sat by the fire place while he read surah mulk & waaqiyah, i had the urge to vomit :l agggh this was really annoying me. He grew concerned when this happened for a few days in succession and he took me to Al Mashary Hospital.

On arrival, we entered the doctors ward and i removed my jilbab in order for her to examine me. She did few tests, left the ward and when she entered she had a smile on her face.

She broke news to me, i was pregnant.

When we got home, muhammed led me in two rakaats salaah, the bond it creates is like no other… He embraced me with a sense of love and kissed my forehead.. i felt like i had fulfilled my duty as a wife and the joy i felt knew no bounds. The months flew each one faster than the previous and the nine months had elapsed. I looked like a overgrown pumpkin but today was THEE day..

On my request Muhammed read two rakaats salaah and read dhikr on my sweaty fingers, an action that always put a smile on my face. I got lost in thought about how people told me that things would be all romantic and cute for the first year and then BOOM!!! Everything down the drain, but something told me that Muhammed was different. He was one to keep the sparks alive, take me on camel rides and make me laugh when i thought that i would never smile again.

The clock was ticking and my baby had still not being brought back. As the thought crossed my mind, the nurse came in, a distraught look on her face and no baby in her arms. She explained that there was a complication and that the baby had to go on life support.










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