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Published September 28, 2014 by katysoqewl

Her phone rang and she answered it. I sat there unable to fathom the news that had just been broken to me. She said that it was her mum and that she had to go and get dressed for the Loonat wedding tonight. She greeted and left and I sat there a full 1 and a half hours after that before I left to go home. I arrived and my mum and sister were doing each other’s make-up and fighting for some DKNY silver watch. Typical them…
“Hanzalah, go get dressed son, the nikaah is in 20 minutes at Saaliheen Masjid.
“Jee, mum”
“Oh and aunty Lina ironed your kurta and suit, it is hanging in your change room
“Jazzkallah ma”

We went for the nikaah and then returned home to get dressed for the wedding. Just as I put my perfume on, the very familiar Porsche’s hooter could be heard. I hurried downstairs and we made out way to the hall.
It was done up with elaborate decorations. It was a sort OF blue and looked as if out of a magazine. After all this was a Loonat function. It was separate males and females so I couldn’t see Humairaa, but after we ate our 9 course meal and literally there was like every thing someone could possibly think of, the caterers started clearing the tables. Family men and women were on the women side and although we weren’t family, you know my mum has to help even if it is the neighbours maids nephews wedding, so she helped out. I was casually glancing around, actually I was looking for her, when I saw this teal dress. I glanced up and the most angelic smile radiated from a face cushioned in a hijab… I fell in love all over again…..






Published September 27, 2014 by katysoqewl

I decided to hide my feelings, because i always felt like i didn’t entirely understand her and that she was always hiding something although we spoke a lot. Or maybe it was just me being insecure… who knows. Matric finals came and went so fast and here i was a boy who achieved 4 A’s, has a relationship he doesn’t fully understand and his whole life ahead of him.

That Saturday afternoon, i had dropped my brother off at soccer and was driving home, singing along to the Maher Zain CD without a thought on my mind. My Samsung Galaxy S5 beeped and i looked to see who it was that was messaging me.
Humairaa… What the smurf?? She never ever messages me..
I opened the message
“Hey need to talk to you, meet me at the mall”
“Hey and what about?”
“Just message me when you there”

We met up after like half an hour at Cappucinos and she had this reaaly serious face  on. We made regular chit chat and the. There was this awkward silence. Breaking the tension, I asked, ” so what did you want to talk about ?”
“Oh ummmmm…. It’s ummm..”
“What is it Humairaa?” I tried to ask in the most polite voice I could
“I’m sick….”
“Well, I can drive you home maybe.”
Cutting me off she said, ” no you don’t understand, I have Leukemia …”
“I have had it for 3 years now and the doctors said that I have stopped responding to treatment…”
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I asked with a tinge of annoyance in my voice although a grief stricken pain in my heart.
” I didn’t want people to act weird around me ”
” including me???”
“Especially you” she replied, a tear in her eye






Published September 26, 2014 by katysoqewl

All through the summer we were what people call “personal critics”. We were both new in this Hoerskool and being the only 2 muslims in our class, we kind of had to get to know each other. Her name was Humairaa and that was about it that i knew about her. She was kind of a loner so in the previous school she was just another girl in the class. It took me a full 5 days to get her to say few words. For me this was alot of days because in the previous school, i was HANZALAH MOOSA, the immediate thought that people appeared was “alpha, maverick, extrovert and big time womenizer”

Maybe there was a bit of conceitedness there, but oh well i guess you can make your own judgement at the end of my romantically, saddened twisted autobiography.

I had come to the school only in grade: 10 because they offered wayyy more subjects than the ordinary muslim school, i guess she did too for the same reason.

Our first conversation, she began with an insult and i braced myself for the worst. She had this really wicked personality or so i thought. We grew pretty close and i learned to tolerate her constant insults after about 4/5 months. Our conversations were relatively heated arguments about history and opinions about politics. Her knowledge was vast and i was actually startled at how much she knew provided that she never took any position in the previous years.

Months turned into years, and i can say we became best friends. The insults really never went away but it dwindled down gradually. Then one day she caught me off guard

“ I know what you thinking Hanzalah”

“Umm… oh huh!.. And what might that be?”

“  you probably wondering why i have this really insulting personality”

“ actually yeah, but i get it “

“ no, it is not that i am always like this, it is just that i think that people in order to deserve my good or so i think so, my good side, they have to be able to tolerate me at my worst so…”

“ oh okay..”

This girl was something else, but i have got to admit it, i kind of started to develop feelings for her…. like not that Mishka kind of love, the real stuff, thought this day would never come, but i guess when the right person walks on your life, you can’t resist the temptations 😉


Published September 21, 2014 by katysoqewl

Zaakir: hey guys, really long time no see, i see you guys have added Durbans most boyish girl to your club.

Me: oh hey, really nice to meet you too

We turned to walk away to avoid the tension

Zaakir: oh come on, i know Muhammed Rafieq has lived up to my legacy

Me: no, he is nothing like you, infact you guys are worlds apart….

He cut me off

Zaakir: before you go on and on about your guy best friend….

Cutting him off

Me: i don’t appreciate rude boys and you don’t have the right to talk about my guy best friend, you might not know what friendship is all about, because you probably never had a real friendship but let me just give you one heads up, if you say a word about Muhammed Rafieq being anything other than who he really is, you would wish you never came for holiday back to S.A.

Zaakir: well that was a mouthful of words, and i guess the punchaat in this place is actually true, you guys have a thing

Me: no we don’t and oh even if we did, don’t try and get  ideas, because the whole friendship thing comes with trust and responsibility which are two qualities you are known not to have..

Zaakir: bye Rumana…

Well that was freakin rude but as i turned around the girls were gone. Okay shoot really?? i called a cab which was something i don’t usually do, but i was desperate. I got home, chucked myself on my bed fully clothed and slept.. i woke up at the ringing of the house phone, in my sleepy voice

“ asalamualaykum”

The very familiar muhammed’s voice replied “ wa’alaykum salaam, did i wake you?”

“ yeah, but it was about time, i got up, so what’s up?”

“ heard you beat some guy t a fight at north beach today”

“ you heard about it, i was just trying to save my friends”

“ oh so that is what i am to you, i thought we accomplices with ulterior motives”

My stomach flipped 10000000 times

“ you could say that too”

“ thanks”

Please say he didn’t know about the whole me going emo on the boy because he uttered the M.R word.

“ for what?”

“for defending me, open the front door if you want your gift or don’t”

He hung up, this damn guy.. i opened the door to see a huge teddybear and it had its eyes picked out, so i could sleep with it. The zip at the back had a tag saying open. I opened it to reveal a Pandora charms with friendship written. I don’t quite remember the rest of the day because i was too busy drooling over my new charms to add to my bracelet. I was secretly glad that i hadn’t been in a realationship before because then i would have had incidents like my friends did today..

Today is a day with the sun shining and the birds chirping, it has been 3 years since those incidents and so much has changed. Muhammed Rafieq is no more in my life and my girl friends, they ditched me the second we finished school but guess who i have to do community practical work with, Zaakir.. after all my ordeals there is one important thing i would like to share with you

Never hate another person because all your friends do, it turns out that you might actually like that person so much so that it will be worth losing those other friends for.







Published September 20, 2014 by katysoqewl

“What’s all the noise for guys and Rums, i really thought you were better than to go out with your best friends crush” Unaisah chirped in

“I never went out with him and he was my friend long before you started drooling over his every picture, besides we were studying together”

“Might explaining to me what’s going on here?” tasneem asked

“ rumana and unaisah think i went out with Muhammed while in reality, i went to that professors house for tuition and Muhammed showed up, we didn’t even arrange it” i hauled

“Guys calm down, you don’t have to scream, we right next to each other.”

I just love Tasneem, she is so adultish and niceish and not so girlish. Ahe sees things from both angles. So anyway, the day ended with Tasneem playing referee between us until we made up for it.

Muhammed found out about my spat with friends and realized he was the problem, so he phoned that night, just as i got off the supper table

“asalamualykum, how’s my angry Rumana doing?”

“ wa’alaykum salaam and i’m not angry.”

“Oh ya, you know, because when you happy you yell and scream and fight”

“Just shooosh, did you phone to tell me there’s a Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid in my garage, because if not, i don’t want to talk”

“It’s not that, but the next best thing.”

“I’m all ears”

“I phoned to say sorry for causing that dispute between Nawsheen and you, i know she likes me, and she’s mad at you, because she thinks that we dating, which is absurd, but i’m sorry”

“Can you say that again, so i can record the fact that Muhammed Rafieq said sorry”

“This isn’t the first time, so just be quiet…..”

“Yeah that’s true; my apology effect is rubbing off on you”

I slept that night with a sense of warmth. I don’t know why, but i felt some sort of closure after he apologized and it seemed like that was all i needed for the time being. My friends and i got through the dispute with the girls and to conquer our obstacles, we went to Hagendas for a full bowl of 10 scoops of Cookies& Cream ice-cream. We went to the pier after that to go set ourselves free from all this drama only to be met by Zaakir… The guy that dated Unaisah and Tasneem at the same time a while ago..







Published September 20, 2014 by katysoqewl

“ needed help and who was going to keep you company?”

“ you? Need help? That’s a first and my thumbs were doing just fine”

The door opened and i slipped my phone back onto my lap and continued my maths equation. Muhammed came and sat next to me and grinned.

“ go away.. i’m busy”

“ oh come on, we both know you love my company and besides looks like this sum is wrong”

Muhammed being Muhammed explained every step like a baby to me, he was a pretty good teacher after all i think. I moved on to the next sum and he grabbed my pen and started showing me how i missed a step. The professor looked up from his glasses and smiled. “ well, i actually was going to cut the tuition short because i needed to get some stuff done, but turns out, your boyfriend is quite the ein stein, so i will be right back”


“ you know when girl and boy are together then the girl calls him her boyfriend”

“ shut up, i know and we are not together” i paused for a moment and then added, “ never will be”

“never say never”

The night went pretty well or rather my studying went well with Muhammed as my tutor 😉

The next day in school after we wrote our test which i think i did fairly well in, our was with a raging Nawsheen

“ heard you and my guy had a night out last night”

“ what??!! No i didn’t even know he was going to be there”

Quick recap: Nawsheen likes Muhammed , he doesn’t like her and him and i are friends but everyone hates me because they think we going out.

“ don’t put on that dumb face, Rumana, we both know the truth”

“ listen Nawsheen, i know you like my guy best friend, but you really don’t have to go on for yourself, we studied together like friends do”

THIS..... </3




Published September 19, 2014 by katysoqewl


And there goes the home time bell…… shooh, that felt like forever, time to finally eat and more importantly be at home and away from this stressed school life with all its complications. Okay so basically, i’m 1/4 friends in our click. We’re the ones that would have eating competitions in class and not give two damns about who saw or what they thought. Oh well at least i can say that is how it used to be until this year, and i’m sure you guys can relate. The others seem so caught up that they forgot what it is like to have a girls night without them constantly checking if some boy wattsapped them. Aghhh… i could almost kill them, i mean they all so pretentious and like no i can’t do that because what will he think. Okay enough complaining, back to today.

I got home, ate and left for tuition as we were writing maths tomorrow and it was that time of the month, so no hifdh.. 😉 i expected there to be like many other children, because apparently this guy was really good. I pitched up and  the place was awkwardly silent. Mum asked if i was sure this was the house and i assured her. “ wattsapp me when you done, love you doll” “ okay and love you too” i was kind of scared but i slowly mounted the curb. I knocked and this deep man voice the boys in class use to make fun of replied, “coming”

Shooh at least there was some living soul in this half dead, creepy place. He opened the door and led me down a hallway with lanterns, those really old ones that use oil, every few meters. There were these paintings of people i never knew all over the wall. I thought “serial killer” and these must be his victims. I entered this room that had humanly fluorescent lights, a whiteboard and a few desks.

If was super awkward as i never knew this random person and he started asking me question. After ions, there was a knock on the door and he left to answer it. I pulled out my phone, texted Muhammed Rafieq, who is like a freakin genius for a boy, since the clever jacks in my class are my friends, wonder where i fell of the truck, anyway i received an instant reply

“ haha yeah, this place is really creepy, using my phone light will see you in a bit”

“you here?”





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