Published September 6, 2014 by katysoqewl

“ oh sorry, thought it was Zahra”

“so she told you”

“ yeah, beat you to it”

Awkward looooong silence

“ so did you phone for a reason or what??!”

“ actually yeah, the guys were talking about you dating some guy, that zayaan, you know the one that sits behind nuha.

“ what!!?? No me?? Dating?? And zayaan of all the people on this planet”

“ yeah thats what i heard and whats wrong with him?”

“ you know dating is not my style and you actually asking me that?’

“ yes i am, so i know what never to do in the future”

Was that a pick-up line????

“ he is just so weird with all his weird techno gadgets in his pencil case.’

“oh that, ya i think he is a spy for the aliens or something”

“ you know what my opinion is on aliens”

“ thats why i said it.. i’m in the mood to argue with you, and chill i just wanted to see your reaction about zayaan, i see him as competition”

This boy was something else!!!

“ well i am  not in the mood to argue with you”

“ oh come on, it might be our last alien argument “

After that i had to say yes and we had it out, the usual story.

My mum heard me screaming and came to see who i was yelling at. She opened the door to find me on the phone. She winked at me with a smirk on her face and said, “ Muhammed Rayhaan, knock him dead, love”

I mean even my mum thinks i like him, she isn’t wrong but still she not suppose to know. My um even has a “boys judge night” with Zahra and i on Saturdays. I felt good about myself as i cut the call because i won him or maybe he let me, i don’t know. We had these so often, i even his comebacks to my arguments.

The months flew and December came. We usually go in the December holidays to dubai and for umrah, so we booked with Zahra and them. Zahra’s mum needed furniture for their new house from dubai so they came with too. It was really fun and Muhammed Rayhaan was actually a lot of fun. En route to Madeena, this man needed to sit in the first row of business class because he wasn’t well and needed medical attention so they made me move. On the bright side, i got a whole new tray of goodies and a toiletry bag that had a Bulgvari perfume in in. Thats two now to add to my collection. I looked left and muhammed was there. I got taken away from Zahra only to end up sitting next to him. He slowly removed his headphones and began talking to me. The flight felt quite short, actually it was probably because i was talking to him. We went to their hotel room and had a snack then we left for our room. The plan was Madeena five days and after jumuah on Friday, leave for Makkah. We completed the five days with each day passing where Muhammed and i argued about who read more qur’aan. Oh by the way we are both huffaz. Zahra only started now, i guess it was my effect. :p

After the trip, we headed home leaving Zahra, muhammed Zayaan and the rest of them. He actually had a tear in his eye as we left, which made me a bit happy but now no more weird gazes and stares in class. I missed Zahra a lot and spoke on the phone everyday for an hour whether it was trials or not. Dad swore at the end of the month for the telephone bill.







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