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Published October 31, 2014 by katysoqewl

“ asalamualykum”

“ wa’alaykum salaam “ said talking tom

Really, what the hell is this?

In the same robotic voice, it said, “ i hope you liked your gifts and i hope i am not bothering you, but i wanted to tell you in person congratulations.”

“ how did you know my house phone number?”

“ a friend of a friend gave it to me.”

“ oh okay.., umm do i know you?”

“ you don’t , and i’m not about to tell you, so go on twitter to @big1mfan and my dp is me

If you curious if this is really me, just go out onto your balcony.. surprises await you..”

The line went dead and i was a bit curious, so i pulled out my ipad and searched the name. This really hot guys picture came up and i stared for another like 4 minutes, then i went to see his tweets and turns out, he tweeted to boys in my school.

I peered through the balcony window and saw no one, so with my hands trembling, i opened the sliding door and stepped outside. The was a note on the far ledge and although i was tempted to go and get it, something stopped me. I rushed back inside, ignored the incident and carried on watching my Originals. Mum came home and i asked her about the gift and she said that she found it on the front porch just after the bell rang, with a note saying, “ for ammarah” she winked at me said, “ so who’s the secret admirer this time??”as she removed her scarf and made her way upstairs. Later that evening the sky had a lot of stars and so i decided since i was almost done reading TFIOS for the second time, i might has well do it on the balcony under the stars. With my peep pj’s and the big lights off, so that passer-byes couldn’t see me, i read the last paragraph of my book, my eyesight blurred and a tear drop was the result of my emotions. As i closed the sliding door and drew the curtains, i pondered about the happenings of that day..





Published October 26, 2014 by katysoqewl

. I have a habit of reading all my letters at the right front corner of my bed. So i opened it up and read.

“ Ammaarah….

I know you probably don’t even look in my direction or even think about me for more than 2 minutes, but i wanted to tell you that life is full of opportunities for a girl with such taqwa and piety. I honestly am not good with words, but i wanted to let you know that there are people out there who love you for who you are and treasure you modesty.”

Well, this day couldn’t get any more weirder. I just couldn’t think of who the person could possibly be or how the hell it got to my room. Then i thought.. Aunty Sheley. She could have put it there and no one would have ever known. So, i went to her room later when she finished the house work and i came back from hifdh and asked her who it was from..

“sheley, sheley, sheley”

“hello, hello my sweetie”

We have this rhyme since like i was little and i use it till today.

“ummm.. did you put something in my room, on my desk by any chance that someone dropped off.

“ makoti answered the door earlier and she said that i must put it in your room..”

What?? My mother, this person gave it to my mother..?

I guess  i will just have to wait and see what she says when i ask her…

Oh by the way it was Tuesday, which meant that i had no madressa, so wooh hooh, new episode of originals and i was HOUSA, which meant i could watch it on volume 100 and since the house phone annoys me, i left it by Aunty Sheley. I was 35:24 into the episode and you know how it goes, the last minutes are the best minutes with the climax changing completely or a whole new discovery made and Aunty Sheley came into the room, muted the volume and said that the phone call was for me.

For me??? Who the hell is going to phone at this time?








Published October 25, 2014 by katysoqewl

a href=””&gt;IMG_2447.JPG

Wishing all my wonderful readers a fruitful year. May it be one where all your dreams come true and one where you draw closer to the almighty Allah. It has been a fun few months blogging and I hope and pray to Allah that he grants me the strength and ability to pursue this hobby of mine.
I request one and all to remember me in your humble prayers because indeed du’a is the weapon of a believer… Hope you enjoy the poem..

Another crescent has shone in the sky
Declaring the last year has gone by
While moons wax and wane
People around the globe endure more pain

The wealthy continue to be consumed by this life
While Palestinians face a deadly strife
This year can be one where you go through the motions
Or where you realize there is more to life than fancy lotions

It can be one where you make the change in your soul
So that on judgement day we won’t be ashamed of our scroll
So I plead to you
To use Qur’aan and Sunnah as your clue

I have one last request
Be your best and forget the rest
Because one day, alone you will have to answer the test

With love and well wishers



Published October 25, 2014 by katysoqewl

1st position, Ammaarah Seedat…… my heart did so many flips, i actually thought they had made a mistake. I didn’t wake up and go get my card, i just sat there, like huh?? Me? Then my friend pushed me to my feet and i made my way to the stage. As i ascended, with 600 pairs of eyes glaring at me, i was given a trophy a bit too big for me to carry, so i left handed my report cards to Apa Naseema who asked one of the boys to take it to my place for me. My back had already been turned and i didn’t see who the boy was. Nuha gave me sh*t looks, like really bad ones. She didn’t even smile or say congratulations. I decided to ignore her attitude and went up politely to ask her how much she got. Guess what her reply was, “ oh, don’t show off, Ammaarah, you think, you got it one year, the boys are going to be all over you”

“ boys?? Nuha i don’t mean to upset you, but that is not why i work hard”

“ oh really?? you behaving like a…” her voice was raising and people started to turn around.

I decided to go sit down to avoid a quarrel. The day ended and as i got home, i bid my classmates farewell, because on the last day we all walk home together. I entered the house and started screaming like literally. “ mum, i came out first…”

“ oh, dolly that is soo good..” she said as she came out of her bedroom crushing me in ha bear hug…

“Oooh… Mara.. you beat that other girl.” My baby brother, Rayhaan, said leaving his PSP game for me…

“ i thought you well..” said my big sister, Ludfiyyah..” following in my footsteps..

I just rolled my eyes at her..

“ you know you love me.” She said hugging and tickling me from behind.

These big sisters are so annoying, but you can’t live with them or without them. I went into my room and jumped on the bed. I failed to see the gift wrapped in blue and green on my desk. I opened it up and saw a black Sharqiyaa scarf, a Bvlgari miniature perfume and a Sissy Boy pump… well this day seizes to amaze me. After unpacking the stuff, a card at the bottom of the box caught my eye.





Published October 24, 2014 by katysoqewl

My big day was finally here, i had waited an entire year for awards day, it was the official time to receive awards. I had worked the entire year, tirelessly and today was the day i get rewarded for my hard work. Call me conceited, but i have a huge ego so i have been told. This other girl has been trying to steal my first position trophy since like i was in grade: 1 and she hasn’t yet succeeded, but i don’t plan on giving her that opportunity as long as i am alive….

Just kidding, “this other girl” is me and that was probably what Nuha ( the first positioner in my class)  would say if she was writing this, but at least she gave you the introduction. That day really was awards day and i really had been waiting the entire year for it and so after the long bayaans about being good in the December holidays and reading salaah on time and reading qur’aan every morning along with all the halaal talks and being muslim everywhere talks by moulana, it was time for each of us, to receive our report cards. They began with grade: 4 3rd position and went on. Grade: 10 came and i could feel the air thickening in the school hall as i waited, rather impatiently for them to get it all over with. Squeezing my friend, Saneeyas, hand, they called out 3rd position and guess what it was that old crush of mine, Yusuf Tayob, he is clever and everything but he had a bit of a pothole on his racing track so he flipped a bit and i blame him for it, because he was the one that decided to go with the drill and make holes to slow the other drivers down, but he got caught in his own trap ( not literally, metaphorically). Anyway i am not here to rant and rave about past crushes, so they called second positon, Nuha….

What the flanges??



Published October 23, 2014 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum to all my readers… I want to apologize for not posting regularly.. I hope that you please forgive me and I am wishing each and everyone one of you a blessed jumuah… I hope that it is one filled with joy and happiness for you and your loved ones. Insha-Allah posts will be out soon.




Published October 19, 2014 by katysoqewl

I felt like my whole world was crumbling and the skies were hailing arrows. His Mayyat was after Esha on that depressing Sunday. Mum and Aunty Halima thought I wasn’t well, but I knew the truth and it pained me deep down to know that he was gone. We never conversed very often and it was fine with me. I never needed for talk with him to understand his emotions. People say that you know it is true love when you pray for that person every day and I am certain of this but people also say that when you young, it is infatuation and not love, but I disagree with this since when the pain hits you deep down it can’t be just some random person, you know it is true love.
Maybe Allah took him away for a reason and not a day goes by that I think and ponder about him, but I know that Allah doesn’t burden a soul with more than it can bare.

Today I am 21 years of age and still can’t get Yahya of my mind but I am proud to say that in my years which were filled with ups and downs that had it not been for that incident I would have not turned to Allah the way I do now. Indeed Allah is the one and only who is the knower of all that exists even beneath our flesh, caged in our souls.
I hope and pray that Allah brings along another love of life, but until then Allah will suffice for me as my love because I know that he is forever……



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