Published October 6, 2014 by katysoqewl

Readers, i do apologize for not posting yesterday. Please do forgive my shortcoming and remember me in your duaas..

“ so, Hanzalah you thinking of settling down son?” Humairaas dad asked

“ Jee.. Insha-Allah…” i replied

“ have anyone in mind.” Her mum asked

“ no not yet, but Insha-Allah..”

And then my grandmother added her two sense and you know these old people and their side comments

“ you know bachu.. my Hanzalah is a very good boy and handsome masha-allah..”

Holy sh*t. This cannot be happening…….. kill me now..

She literally spat out all the cold drink she had in her mouth when my ma said that.

Between the coughs she managed to say, “ jee..”

Wait… she actually agreed that i was handsome and good? Say whaaaaat????

The following days we all just decided to keep our distance because that was one helliva night until i bumped into her in Pavillion.

We had this usual chat but then she took the topic in the same direction as the other night.

“ i know this is really weird, but i was thinking you know maybe you could..”

She paused

“ i could???”

“ oh don’t play dumb, you know”

“ did you just ask me if i must come see you for a samoosa run??”

She blushed

I almost had a heart attack, but i put myself together.

“ i will see if i am liss to, oh and don’t keep your hopes up, there are plenty fish in the sea.”

I said as i winked at her and walked out of Edgars.

The next thing i knew, i was shopping for kuncha gift and organizing homeymoon brochures.

Our wedding came and went, honeymoon came and went and today we are parents of 3 beautiful normal healthy children and after all this i can say that through humairaa i have learnt that, “ you can let sickness consume you as a whole or you can allow it only to consume the flesh that it breeds on”




2 comments on “ROMANTICALLY SAD STORY- PART 6/6- POST 48

  • Slms miss authoress
    Hope you are doing well and had a wonderful eid. I just wanted to tell you this was my favorite story by far and I can’t wait for the next one. 😘👍😃


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