Published October 12, 2014 by katysoqewl

The next day I went to school as usual although I had this pit feeling in my stomach I never had before. It was a bit weird when I saw Nazeef but no sooner was it cleared up when we started our side comments. He acted quite normal the entire day until Hifdh period, the second last period. I went to get my Qur’aan from the Qur’aan shelf and he was like ” I need to talk to you”
Why did he want to talk to me ??? What was there to say ?? I never overthink matters but this was like WHAT THE SMURF IS GOING ON??

I was itching to know what is was but I couldn’t phone or SMS him or else it would seem like he got under my skin which he did but I couldn’t admit.
I decided to just wait and see what happens. The next day came and went and he never said a word. This was sooo frustrating especially because he didn’t even bring it up again in any conversation. Another day passed and as I went to write my name in the whiteboard, I’m in charge of the marker so i kind of abuse it, he called me… He was sitting in Malaikas place who sits in front of me. I went to sit down and he swung his chair around. He had that serious Nazeef face of his and I was kind if worried.
“Know why you here??”
“Ummm… Because you called me.. (Sarcastic way)
“No seriously?”
“I really don’t know”
“What’s up with you lately ?”
“What do you mean?”
“You like hiding from something behind your meanness and you scared if you do show it ,it will harm you”
“Huh??? What?! No I’m not”
“Listen I know you don’t care about anything and nothing gets to you but if you don’t show a little bit of emotion it could harm you”

What the hell was all of that?? What did he mean about hiding behind my meanness?? I know about the whole emotionless harms because my mum goes on about it, but now it was from a stranger. Oh well not exactly he’s a friend… But back to the point what did he mean and what did he know???



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