Published October 31, 2014 by katysoqewl

“ asalamualykum”

“ wa’alaykum salaam “ said talking tom

Really, what the hell is this?

In the same robotic voice, it said, “ i hope you liked your gifts and i hope i am not bothering you, but i wanted to tell you in person congratulations.”

“ how did you know my house phone number?”

“ a friend of a friend gave it to me.”

“ oh okay.., umm do i know you?”

“ you don’t , and i’m not about to tell you, so go on twitter to @big1mfan and my dp is me

If you curious if this is really me, just go out onto your balcony.. surprises await you..”

The line went dead and i was a bit curious, so i pulled out my ipad and searched the name. This really hot guys picture came up and i stared for another like 4 minutes, then i went to see his tweets and turns out, he tweeted to boys in my school.

I peered through the balcony window and saw no one, so with my hands trembling, i opened the sliding door and stepped outside. The was a note on the far ledge and although i was tempted to go and get it, something stopped me. I rushed back inside, ignored the incident and carried on watching my Originals. Mum came home and i asked her about the gift and she said that she found it on the front porch just after the bell rang, with a note saying, “ for ammarah” she winked at me said, “ so who’s the secret admirer this time??”as she removed her scarf and made her way upstairs. Later that evening the sky had a lot of stars and so i decided since i was almost done reading TFIOS for the second time, i might has well do it on the balcony under the stars. With my peep pj’s and the big lights off, so that passer-byes couldn’t see me, i read the last paragraph of my book, my eyesight blurred and a tear drop was the result of my emotions. As i closed the sliding door and drew the curtains, i pondered about the happenings of that day..




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