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Published November 30, 2014 by katysoqewl

She hugged me and cried so much that It broke my heart. Her next words was about to change my life forever “He… He.. He.. There’s someone else…”
“Someone else??”
“When he went to Morocco, he…”
I squeezed my mum in a bear hug and left the kitchen…. In my room, I cried and cried…
Why on earth would dad do something like that??? My mum is perfect… She is really pretty and she is soo thin, considering her age.
I couldn’t look my dad in the eye after that and I always had this pain in my heart. When I saw her why wasn’t even a formal meeting, but at the Coca-Cola dome Eid Festival where she was with my dad and my friends and I decided to take my mum.. She was drop dead gorgeous and had light green eyes. She was thinner than I am and had skin that was almost milk white. She looked like she was 18… We crossed paths and she didn’t even bother greeting.. My dad just gave me a look like what the hell are you doing… It was from that moment that I realized that I needed to be there for her and that I needed to console her during this period of time… My dad became a stranger to me as we only spoke occasionally when it was a matter of life or death.. I think that through this incident my mum has learned not to make a person/thing your everything because it can shatter and you will be left devastated. I am not sharing my story with you to get your sympathy but to teach you a lesson that, “we are going to get married in times when people don’t honor this marriage bond and they see it as only the halal way to further their relationships.
My advice to you is that you don’t make a person your entire world and make sure it doesn’t revolve around your spouse one day because then Allah forbid something similar happens, you will be left in the dark..
I myself will never allow my husband to take a second wife, but I hate to admit it that we have to start to adapt and expect the worst, then only will we be satisfied with what we have. My concluding words to you are ” Your value doesn’t decrease my others inability to see your true worth” always remember, ” a mans first wife is Allahs choice for him after that it is his own”






Published November 30, 2014 by katysoqewl

I did the project and Fatima’s mummy offered drop me home. St. Fillans Ave. was just two streets away from the Jeppa and when we were in our way home, dads car wasn’t there. I entered the house and saw mum still reading her quraan by the fire place. She greeted me and told me to go check on my baby brother as he was already asleep. I peeked into the room and he was playing FIFA 15, I just rolled my eyes and shut the door,” he is fine mum.”

Late that night while i was catching my forty winks, I heard the garage door open. I’m a lift sleeper and so I woke up. Mum was on her phone as I could hear that iPhone sounds clearly, I really need to teach her to put it on silent. Dad entered the house and I saw the shadow under my door as he walked past straight to his bedroom. The door room shut and I heard mum and dad arguing.
The next morning when wee woke up for school, dad was gone and mum was making breakfast for us. She seemed very on edge or so I thought, but I let it go. We went t school and the day was usual… Although We did get an A for mine and Fatima’s assignment.

After a long day of school, madressa and homework, we seat down to eat supper. There was so much of tension on the supper table and Muaaz(my brother) was just kicking me under the table the whole time. Breaking the ice, I said,” mum, I got an A for that assignment I went to do by Fatima’s house that night.”
“Well that is wonderful, how did your project go Muaaz?”
“They postponed it, so it is only due on Thursday now.”
We had a normal family chat but dad never said a word… It was as though he wasn’t there at all.
The tension continued and something was seriously wrong now, so I confronted my mum



Published November 29, 2014 by katysoqewl

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem. In the name of Allah the most beneficial, the most merciful..

I begin in the name of Allah and beseech only from him to guide and assist me in conveying life long lessons to you my readers.

The story I’m about to tell you is not one that is found in the movies or in the fantasy blogs, rather it is the harsh reality that I have endured. My name is Zahra Motala and I’m from an average background family. We live in a 4 bedroom house that is not too big but a place we can call home and drive VW cars with the exception of my dad’s Mercedes. My mum runs a home industry and my dad works for Nashua Mobile. I attend school at JMS and is averagely popular.

Everything in my life seemed just perfect to the outside world and well I can’t say that the world was wrong, but everything changed last December holidays. We are a family of 5 and we go for holiday to either Cape Town or Durban. Mum and dad decided to go to Cape Town and we all happily packed and left.

We had a blast of a holiday and returned home like charo color. After a couple of months, dad had to go on a business trip to Morocco or somewhere because the new Sony phone was on the market and in order to establish what kind of demand there was in the different countries they requested one representative from the respective Nashua mobile stores globally. Luckily dad got chosen and his boss even promised him an increase. I was doing grade 9 that year and well having no dad at home really didn’t affect me that much…

2 weeks later, mum had the table laden with a variety of foods and dads favorite Avocado concoction. I really don’t know what it is called but they put condense milk and a whole lot of sugar and milk… It is pretty yum…. Then let me get started on desserts, she went all out.. Pavlova and some tennis biscuit thing that tasted better than it looked. She even made hot milk and bread pudding.. The Table was set and we were waiting for him to come home. He phoned about 10 minutes later to say that he had to head to the office immediately and will be back late..
Disappointed mum told us to eat up and do our homework. Later I needed to drop of a book at Fatima’s house and also do a project, we thought we would postpone it because of my dads return but since he wasn’t back early we rather get it over and done with. My mum was dropping me off at her house when we by passed Jeppa Duo and saw my dads car there. We thought it was odd but my mum quickly changed the topic.



Published November 25, 2014 by katysoqewl

Dear diary

Today I heard things that shattered my heart and that left me in a state of utter despondency. Mum and dad always thought me not to put anything past anyone but I never guessed that they meant it that literally….. My new mum and dad don’t give advise to me and they think that if they give me all the techno gadgets, that my life will be whole. They give me everything of the best and I love them a lot, but somethings Twitter and Instagram can’t teach you. All those life advise accounts teach me a lot but not what I need to get by in this metamorphosing world……
Hearing that rumors were made up by random people hurts you, but not as much as it hurts when the rumors are made by people whom you thought were your friends… I guess in this cruel sphere, when it is time to save their own skin, people stab the people who showed them how to use a knife in the back…. ”

I typed on my IPhone. This new app allows me to not have a journal/diary…
My name is Aaliya and have been over life’s hills and in life’s deep waters, but a betrayal like today’s did I not see coming… I’ve have this boy friend ever since I was little and my biological parents were alive and “he” has another buzz though… He doesn’t like talk about our friendship to his friends at all let alone boasts… Him and I are practically unbiological siblings… Or so I thought so until today…
He made a really bad rumor about me to save his own skin and didn’t even tell me about it.. I had to hear from a third party who didn’t know we were friends and so I had to pretend like I didn’t care….

Well I guess life is full of ups and downs that have so many different altitudes to fly on, you just have to adjust your wings….
Our friendship will probably perfect in like few months, but this experience has opened my eyes to the capabilities of this close friend of mine. It might have taken me all the years of my life to realize this, but I’m glad I did in the end and as a life lesson to all those who are out there reading this it is my plea that you watch who you keep as friends and never put anything beyond anyone as people’s expectations are always shattered….. Also some people exist in your life solely because of a personal benefit on their side.., it is vital that we assess our friends and the people with whom we associate with….



Published November 15, 2014 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum to all my dear readers..
Hope you guys are keeping well.. I won’t be posting for the exam period, but I’d like to say GOOD LUCK to all my readers out there.
May Allah make it so that you pass the papers with flying colors and make you successful in all your endeavors…

A special good luck to my dear friend Tasneem Mahomed… #hecticweek #studyhard




Published November 7, 2014 by katysoqewl

The next day at school, i constantly found myself thinking about Yusuf and how much he had helped me in the past. A particular incident did i recall about last year. It was one of my those days and i just couldn’t pull myself together, i think i fainted or something, i have amnesia for that part, but when i awoke in the hospital, Yusuf was sitting by my bedside with my parents. Then as usual, i started questioning why i had stopped liking him. My day literally was a Yusuf Tayob day.

That night as I jumped into bed, I came to a realization that some people show you a certain side of them because they are afraid that if they show their soft side that people will abuse that soft side. With Yusuf Tayob before when I crushed on him it was for his intellect. His kind actions at the time I thought were on impulse, but now I’ve come to realize that maybe that really was him, he just didn’t want people to see that side…

The night passed with me literally tossing and turning and thinking about every incident and every conversation Yusuf and I ever had. The morning came and with bags under my eyes, I leant my 27th para dhor and decided to catch a forty winks.. Turns out those power nap stuff really do work and school time I was as chirpy as a bird.
Little did I know that the day held more that I had anticipated… Well I thought it would be the usual chit chat with girls too big for their boots and a de-stress talk with Ysuf and you know how the day goes. It was English class and the secretary came to the class to call me with my bag. Family emergency was what she told the teacher. Yusuf offered to take my bag to the car and I walked along side the two of them. The secretary said that a family relative had been involved in a car accident and that it was serious. Car accident????
As Yusuf put my bag in my Mums boot, he squashed my hand for a brief 2 seconds, so short time I had no time to pull my hand away. I knew he didn’t mean it like that but still it was wrong.
“Who met in the accident mum?” I asked
“Your uncle….”
“My who??? I have only one uncle and his….” I gasped as a realization dawned upon me… “Zahra Masies…”
“Jee, doll, go get changed and we going hospital”
I rushed to go via he and the next thing I knew we were at the ICU ward… I went in with Aunty Zahra and as I looked at his face, I felt a sense of hatred envelope me…
He was saying something so I went nearer to hear what it was..
“T–eeee—llll Amaa—rrraa I’m s-ooo-rrr-yy and that she has Nuha to blame….” He completed his sentence stammering and I acted like nothing was wrong as I walked out of the ward and proceeded to the car.
Just as I left I heard Aunty Zahra yell… ” nurse……”
“Doctor Farid to the ICU ward No: 4”
The sound of machines going teet and dectors counting down and they tried to revive him filled the air… A familiar hand was placed on my shoulde and it was that of Yusuf Tayob… He offered words of condolences but I cut him off, telling him what he said… He had a blank look on his face as he left the hospital… Where is he going? And now when I need him the most???

The next moment my mums phone started ringing and I had the phone so I answered it… It was Nuhas mum…
“Amarrah… My Nuha is gone…..”
The iPhone hung up and I told my mum what she had said… The doctors said that the herse was on its way and that we should leave…. We went to Nuhas house almost immediately and her mum ran and hugged me as I entered.. “She took her own life my bachu…..” Suicide??? She did this because they person that she hired to hurt me ended up dead???? That day held too much of emotion and pain, but most of all anxiety to know the truth and the truth alone…. Yusuf has been there for me ever since that day and supports me every time I have one of my gloomy days on which the sky is black….
If I have learned anything, it is that sometimes in situations people feel intimidated that push them to extreme limits… There is no dodging it, but you can take precautions….
My advise to you is that “Always watch your back and never underestimate people’s quest for vengeance….



Published November 6, 2014 by katysoqewl

This was way too scary, i wanted the bag, but i also wanted to get out of there.

“umm… ccc—aa—nn … i—i—i .. h—aa—vv—ee” i started to stutter

“ you want this? Mwahahaha dream on..”

He turned to leave and i stood there, i think more scared than shocked..

As i left the netball courts, i hear the soccer facility gate open, i picked up my pace and dared not look back. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and i screamed as my body trembled. I shut my eyes and turned around…

Yusuf Tayob…. what in Grems name is he doing here??

“ i’m sorry i startled you..”

Panting, i responded, “ no, it’s fine, what are you doing here??”

“ i’ve been watching over you lately because i thought i had seen a man following you l..”

“ really??? since when?? Because last week i thought i was delusional. “

“ no you not, and umm, you want me to give you a ride?”

Okay, seriously why the hell was he being nice for once and since when did he care???

“ i’m not… i’m not.. umm”

I didn’t know how to say this, but i don’t like to get into cars where there is no other mature female or a mahram of mine, i have this fear what if something happens to the car or me and they will have to carry me…

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about us being alone, my sister, Zahreen is there…”

“Okay… “

Shew… thank god he read my mind, i was not going to say anything otherwise…

He dropped me home and i rushed upstairs to go to the bathroom. I didn’t tell anyone about it except my mum, who said that she will look into the matter, but i conveniently left out the part about Yusuf Tayob. As i lay in bed that night, mum by my side, because apparently i was having psychological trauma, she read me my Inspirations bed time story. Call me a baby, but if i don’t read it, i get nightmares.. i am so desperate for the new edition to come out because i’ve read these so many times that i think i know it off by heart.



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