Published November 7, 2014 by katysoqewl

The next day at school, i constantly found myself thinking about Yusuf and how much he had helped me in the past. A particular incident did i recall about last year. It was one of my those days and i just couldn’t pull myself together, i think i fainted or something, i have amnesia for that part, but when i awoke in the hospital, Yusuf was sitting by my bedside with my parents. Then as usual, i started questioning why i had stopped liking him. My day literally was a Yusuf Tayob day.

That night as I jumped into bed, I came to a realization that some people show you a certain side of them because they are afraid that if they show their soft side that people will abuse that soft side. With Yusuf Tayob before when I crushed on him it was for his intellect. His kind actions at the time I thought were on impulse, but now I’ve come to realize that maybe that really was him, he just didn’t want people to see that side…

The night passed with me literally tossing and turning and thinking about every incident and every conversation Yusuf and I ever had. The morning came and with bags under my eyes, I leant my 27th para dhor and decided to catch a forty winks.. Turns out those power nap stuff really do work and school time I was as chirpy as a bird.
Little did I know that the day held more that I had anticipated… Well I thought it would be the usual chit chat with girls too big for their boots and a de-stress talk with Ysuf and you know how the day goes. It was English class and the secretary came to the class to call me with my bag. Family emergency was what she told the teacher. Yusuf offered to take my bag to the car and I walked along side the two of them. The secretary said that a family relative had been involved in a car accident and that it was serious. Car accident????
As Yusuf put my bag in my Mums boot, he squashed my hand for a brief 2 seconds, so short time I had no time to pull my hand away. I knew he didn’t mean it like that but still it was wrong.
“Who met in the accident mum?” I asked
“Your uncle….”
“My who??? I have only one uncle and his….” I gasped as a realization dawned upon me… “Zahra Masies…”
“Jee, doll, go get changed and we going hospital”
I rushed to go via he and the next thing I knew we were at the ICU ward… I went in with Aunty Zahra and as I looked at his face, I felt a sense of hatred envelope me…
He was saying something so I went nearer to hear what it was..
“T–eeee—llll Amaa—rrraa I’m s-ooo-rrr-yy and that she has Nuha to blame….” He completed his sentence stammering and I acted like nothing was wrong as I walked out of the ward and proceeded to the car.
Just as I left I heard Aunty Zahra yell… ” nurse……”
“Doctor Farid to the ICU ward No: 4”
The sound of machines going teet and dectors counting down and they tried to revive him filled the air… A familiar hand was placed on my shoulde and it was that of Yusuf Tayob… He offered words of condolences but I cut him off, telling him what he said… He had a blank look on his face as he left the hospital… Where is he going? And now when I need him the most???

The next moment my mums phone started ringing and I had the phone so I answered it… It was Nuhas mum…
“Amarrah… My Nuha is gone…..”
The iPhone hung up and I told my mum what she had said… The doctors said that the herse was on its way and that we should leave…. We went to Nuhas house almost immediately and her mum ran and hugged me as I entered.. “She took her own life my bachu…..” Suicide??? She did this because they person that she hired to hurt me ended up dead???? That day held too much of emotion and pain, but most of all anxiety to know the truth and the truth alone…. Yusuf has been there for me ever since that day and supports me every time I have one of my gloomy days on which the sky is black….
If I have learned anything, it is that sometimes in situations people feel intimidated that push them to extreme limits… There is no dodging it, but you can take precautions….
My advise to you is that “Always watch your back and never underestimate people’s quest for vengeance….



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