Published November 29, 2014 by katysoqewl

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem. In the name of Allah the most beneficial, the most merciful..

I begin in the name of Allah and beseech only from him to guide and assist me in conveying life long lessons to you my readers.

The story I’m about to tell you is not one that is found in the movies or in the fantasy blogs, rather it is the harsh reality that I have endured. My name is Zahra Motala and I’m from an average background family. We live in a 4 bedroom house that is not too big but a place we can call home and drive VW cars with the exception of my dad’s Mercedes. My mum runs a home industry and my dad works for Nashua Mobile. I attend school at JMS and is averagely popular.

Everything in my life seemed just perfect to the outside world and well I can’t say that the world was wrong, but everything changed last December holidays. We are a family of 5 and we go for holiday to either Cape Town or Durban. Mum and dad decided to go to Cape Town and we all happily packed and left.

We had a blast of a holiday and returned home like charo color. After a couple of months, dad had to go on a business trip to Morocco or somewhere because the new Sony phone was on the market and in order to establish what kind of demand there was in the different countries they requested one representative from the respective Nashua mobile stores globally. Luckily dad got chosen and his boss even promised him an increase. I was doing grade 9 that year and well having no dad at home really didn’t affect me that much…

2 weeks later, mum had the table laden with a variety of foods and dads favorite Avocado concoction. I really don’t know what it is called but they put condense milk and a whole lot of sugar and milk… It is pretty yum…. Then let me get started on desserts, she went all out.. Pavlova and some tennis biscuit thing that tasted better than it looked. She even made hot milk and bread pudding.. The Table was set and we were waiting for him to come home. He phoned about 10 minutes later to say that he had to head to the office immediately and will be back late..
Disappointed mum told us to eat up and do our homework. Later I needed to drop of a book at Fatima’s house and also do a project, we thought we would postpone it because of my dads return but since he wasn’t back early we rather get it over and done with. My mum was dropping me off at her house when we by passed Jeppa Duo and saw my dads car there. We thought it was odd but my mum quickly changed the topic.



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