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Published December 31, 2014 by katysoqewl

I would like to thank all my lovely readers out there for their support and love… Today I reached 10 000 views… You guys have no idea how much this means to me… And the best part it was in less than a year…

Rabiul-Awwal… The month the greatest man who walked the surface of this earth was born and the day this great being passed on… A man so aloof of this world that he denied mountains of gold and bribes tantamount to all the jewels of this earth.. A man whose every heart beat was for Allah and every word uttered, was in the pleasure of Allah… The only perfect example in the annals of history… A man who was given the privilege of being the imaam of all the Ambiyaa and a man who travelled on a conveyance directly from Jannah… A man who never sinned, yet was the most humblest of people… A man who was illiterate, yet thought the greatest of books ….. A man that interacted with the angel Jibraeel on numerous occasions and above all a man who in Allahs eyes were above all creation…

Our Nabi (saw)

Let us this month learn one lesson a day from his (pbuh) legacy that he has left behind… A legacy filled with wisdom and hikmat…

Kindness is the key to leading a successful and peaceful life… Let us implement this and insha-Allah we will reap what we sow…



Lots of love and DUAAS



Published December 31, 2014 by katysoqewl

So I plea from the bottom of my heart to do the following next time you see someone like me:

1) don’t look at us weirdly and ridicule rather walk up to us and simply smile.. We might not look like we appreciated it, but our hearts leap with joy…

2) treat us like one of you and not as though we from Mars, after all we are the creation of Allah just like you…

3) when we have our moments sometimes, which does happen, you might have reason then to stare on, but please just be patient, with time we will get over it…

Well that is all from the child that was born into this life with special needs.. I hope you take heed to my advice… Ma’asalaam

Children from heaven are truly Allahs special creation.. We should love them unconditionally and value their differences… You might think you are teaching handicapped children basic things, but in reality they teach you far more than you can fathom..

It is only when you learn to look past the disability that you will actually see the real blessing…





Published December 30, 2014 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum readers… I created an Instagram account Hadiyyatulinisaa please do follow and drop me an email on
I’m going to be posting only every weekend…

I found myself in a lot of pain constantly and I always wandered when I would become like mum and dad.. Able to do things all by themselves, little did I know that Allah had a whole other plan for me..

I never really felt any different for the first year of my life because I never interacted with other kids my age, but when I saw my cousin Muhammed Rafieq talking, walking and doing things like my mum and dad did, it hit me that I was not a regular child..

Sometimes, I see how tired my mum is after a long day and she still has to bath me and give me medication.. When I awake at night because of pain, I hate to wake her because I know she needs the sleep, but the greatest pain I ever experience is when tears roll down her cheeks because of other people’s comments or funny looks at me..
I’ve grown use to it now when people stare like I’m some alien, but my mums tears fall every single time…

I’ve travelled the world with my parents and have seen things many people haven’t.. I’ve seen hunger, war, torture and true pain, so I make shukr that I only endure a small amount of pain physically but the emotional scars when people treat me as though I am not normal.. I know I might not be like you, but I have emotions, feelings and all the other characteristics just like any of you. Also, I didn’t choose to be this way, it was Allahs will and I don’t question it… I know that I should never ask, ” why me??” And so I try not to but when people out there treat me like I’m not part of their world, it hurts me and makes me question myself sometimes… So I’m pleading to you as a nine year old child with cerebral palsy to please treat us, handicapped children with respect and love.. If you just spread a little bit of love in our direction, we will return it multiplied by 10 times…



Published December 29, 2014 by katysoqewl

This post is dedicated to Aunty Faheema Kaloo.. May Allah grant you all that your heart desires and grant you the best of dunya, qabr and aakhira..
I was going to post only tomorrow, but I have a follower from U.S that has visited the site 20 times today in hope of a post… So don’t forget to thank her and here goes…..

Asalamualaykum dear readers… I hope you guys all are having a blast of a holidays and taking maximum benefit from it, but at the same time i hope you guys didn’t let the sun turn you darker shades… But hey even if it did, remember “colour doesn’t define you”

For all my readers who are going into high school and even those just moving a year forward in life, I want you to just pause, take a moment to thank Allah for blessing you with yet another year, even though it might hold challenges and obstacles…..

Some of you might be dreading this year and others well looking forward to it with much excitement and anticipation, but to all those who are like “oh goodness another year of work, exams, tests, parents, teachers, homework and social drama”, don’t only look at the bad side.. If we really dig deep, we will realise that the good by far out way the bad.
Look at it as a year to make a difference, a year that holds not only good but selfless acts as well. Life is going to do its thing by making you drive the rockiest of paths at times and the firm ground at others… What we need to do is spend more time counting our blessing and making shukr for them…

Sometimes all we have to do is look around us to realise how blessed we really are..
We are born to perfection.. We have all our body parts in perfect condition and the systems in our body by the almighty’s blessings function precisely without any defects.. This brings me to the topic of my next few posts… “CHILDREN FROM HEAVEN”

Often we pass by in malls, on aeroplanes, in public places and even sometimes when we go to visit someone children or individuals that are handicapped, I don’t like to use the word physically retarded or abnormal because indeed they are not…
These children are special in more ways than we can ever fathom and the love they extend is greater than than all the love in this world… If you have ever had the blessings of interacting with a child from heaven, you will agree with me that they are the most lovable people on this earth.. Once you enter their world and they get the slightest bit of inclination for you, you get showered with hugs and kisses at every hour of the day… The smile on their faces make you smile even though you may be having the worst day of your life..

I have a story narrated from a child from heavens point of view

My name is Muhammed Ihsaan and I am a child from heaven… I have cerebral palsy since I was born just over 9 years ago.. I remember those moments just before I entered your world when I was in a bag with red walls and a heartbeat was my music… I remember when I came out from my then “home” to enter a cold world… I cried and cried, but they continued to wash me. I was placed in this warm box they called an “incubator”. I was young and my eyes were not developed, but even with no sight my heart could feel my tears of my mother.. I wondered why she was crying because in my previous “home” the other souls use to tell stories about mums being happy when we were given to them…

After quite some time I was able to feel the very familiar heartbeat against my cheek and my heart smiled.. The days, months and years past and mum and dad kept taking me to all different doctors that tested all different things…

I will insha-Allah alert you guys on Twitter when i am posting but for now here’s a start…




Published December 29, 2014 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum readers.. Please share your #Hadiyyafavpost2014 with me on Twitter, by tweeting it with the hashtag or comment below…

A brand new year of posts ahead insha-Allah…

Lots of love


Published December 12, 2014 by katysoqewl

There are two Duaas that I would like share with you before we venture off into our holidays



My plea to you is that you obey Allah always because remember you might be on holiday, but Allah is not… He can see everything everywhere….



Published December 12, 2014 by katysoqewl

Okay… So I know I said yesterday’s post was the last, but I decided to post one today…
JUMUAH MUBARAK to all my lovely readers..
Please remember to do the following:
1) Take a sunnah ghusl
2) Apply Surma
3) recite abundant Durood and dhikr..
4) Listen to the lecture over the Radio Bilal or any Islamic station
5) Wear your best clothes




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