Published December 3, 2014 by katysoqewl

I’ve decided to try out a continuous story, not for long but maybe just 7 or 8 posts.. Let’s hope it works out and tell me what you think about it…

There she goes again
“Maliha… Get off that iPhone and come do something useful… You wake up at 12 and then you just want to sit on that thing ”
This women… I don’t think she knows the definition of a holiday. It means eat, sleep and chill!!!!!!
She pre-occupies herself in the kitchen and forgets all about me.. 😃
Then she is going to her room meaning she has to pass my bedroom.
I quickly slide it under the pillow and pull out my book “The Escape” by David Beldacci. It is a pretty interesting book, and I’m actually enjoying reading this time. I quit e-book reading after my mum didn’t believe I was actually reading and not on Instagram or Snapchat…
I am just like any of you, a young muslimah trying to find her way in this BIG HUMUNGOUS world. I am a shoppoholic, a foodaholic ( who isn’t ) and as my dad says a iPhonaholic… This December holidays is already boring me as we only going to Dubai after awards which is in the 7th… We staying for two weeks and then going to durbz.. I literally can’t wait to get out of this small town “Azaadville”. I’m in desperate need to get out of this place right now. The only thing I do do nowadays is play COD Avanced Warfare, learn quraan, eat, namaaz, movies and sleep…. I’m not saying it isn’t fun, but seriously it gets a bit cliche after a week. Mum has been grinding me to sort out my books so I did that like last week and now she wants me to sort out that hanging closet of mine. She says that there are stuff in there that are as old as I am. She isn’t mistaken because the stuff I find is pretty awesome actually… I have one full week left before my holiday starts and you know our family, my dad will randomly pop in the door and say that we off to some uninhabited Island and we will just lack the bags night before, actually in the morning and leave. Okay enough if my background now to my story. I somehow managed to survive the entire week…. Today I’m in Jumeira Hotel as I type this story. I’m in the lobby so well let’s just say that if there is typos you can blame the eye candy for it…😜
There was this guy that walked In and went straight to greet my dad. I was like wooh boy… Then later they introduced us and turns out we were old friends. The first thought that crossed my mind was Diary Of A Dubain… He was so Zaheer like and for those of you who didn’t read it you really should… Anyway I had a blast of a first day with Emarati mall and Kidzania and for those of you who are thinking that this chick is so immature, I like to enjoy my childhood and besides I got a freakin drivers license in there by driving a go cart… Well I had extra change from the holiday so I got to go do the fashion parade too. I earned like a whole bunch of Kidzo’s and got to eat at this halal pizza shop for free… Okay I’m not here to brag about what a boss I am, I’m just here to tell you that I met a girl whose name was Afra al Badia meaning unique and white. She had such amazing features with light honey color eyes. She was not very young, about my age, she spoke to me and what she told me shattered my heart.
She said that her mother was ill and her father had died a while ago and that she had been working ever since she was 8… She didn’t even say it like she was complaining rather she said it like she was being grateful. I looked at this girl with a whole new respect for her.. We chatted while enjoying all the different activities. She said that it was her first day off and that her boss paid for her to come here as it was always on her bucket list….




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