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Published December 4, 2014 by katysoqewl

Jumuah Mubarak to all my lovely readers that take time out to read my blog. I hope and pray that Allah allows you to take maximum benefit from this auspicious day….




Published December 4, 2014 by katysoqewl

My brother, that DOAD guy and I decided that we wanted to go to Ferrari world. I changed into my Nordstrom Pj’s and jumped into bed. A thought crossed my mind and I got up and went to my parents bedroom. I knocked and entered their room. You know these Jumeira Hotel Bedrooms, they like freakin house sizes, my mum was in the shower and my dad watching Al-Jazeera
” umm dad, I was hoping we could please take a friend of mine tomorrow with us to Farrari world, if you don’t mind..”
“Sure, which friend??”
“I met her today and then told my dad the whole story”
“No problem..”
“Thanks dad”. I kissed his forehead and greeted him. Just as I was leaving my mum came out of the shower and I kissed her goodnight too…
I messaged Afra and asked her if it was okay and she said that it would be great and that she only had half shift tomorrow, but she would ask her boss for leave.
I slept that night with a sense of joy in my heart that I actually made a difference to someone’s life. I awoke nice and early the next morning. Mum said that we have to take jackets with because Murphy’s law is that every time we decide not to, it ends up getting chilly. I wore my jeans abaya which had a bit of a color seam and a black scarf with Hanayen printed in multicolors… I am not a girly girl that puts make up all the time, but I decided to go on a little eyeliner and my light pink lip-ice. I dabbed some Issey Miyake Florale on and I was good to go. I put on my best make up ever, a smile and chewed on an infinity bubblegum. My brother was also done the same time and we entered my mums room. She was still getting dressed as usual. “Come and do dhor Maliha, you didn’t finish it after Fajr remember ? Agh shoot, I thought she would forget because that last few pages of Surah Saad is really not the easiest. My brother had 6 or something so he got done after Fajr, but anyway I read it to him loudly so my mum could hear. She occasionally picked up some errors and scolded my brother for not paying attention.

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