Published December 29, 2014 by katysoqewl

This post is dedicated to Aunty Faheema Kaloo.. May Allah grant you all that your heart desires and grant you the best of dunya, qabr and aakhira..
I was going to post only tomorrow, but I have a follower from U.S that has visited the site 20 times today in hope of a post… So don’t forget to thank her and here goes…..

Asalamualaykum dear readers… I hope you guys all are having a blast of a holidays and taking maximum benefit from it, but at the same time i hope you guys didn’t let the sun turn you darker shades… But hey even if it did, remember “colour doesn’t define you”

For all my readers who are going into high school and even those just moving a year forward in life, I want you to just pause, take a moment to thank Allah for blessing you with yet another year, even though it might hold challenges and obstacles…..

Some of you might be dreading this year and others well looking forward to it with much excitement and anticipation, but to all those who are like “oh goodness another year of work, exams, tests, parents, teachers, homework and social drama”, don’t only look at the bad side.. If we really dig deep, we will realise that the good by far out way the bad.
Look at it as a year to make a difference, a year that holds not only good but selfless acts as well. Life is going to do its thing by making you drive the rockiest of paths at times and the firm ground at others… What we need to do is spend more time counting our blessing and making shukr for them…

Sometimes all we have to do is look around us to realise how blessed we really are..
We are born to perfection.. We have all our body parts in perfect condition and the systems in our body by the almighty’s blessings function precisely without any defects.. This brings me to the topic of my next few posts… “CHILDREN FROM HEAVEN”

Often we pass by in malls, on aeroplanes, in public places and even sometimes when we go to visit someone children or individuals that are handicapped, I don’t like to use the word physically retarded or abnormal because indeed they are not…
These children are special in more ways than we can ever fathom and the love they extend is greater than than all the love in this world… If you have ever had the blessings of interacting with a child from heaven, you will agree with me that they are the most lovable people on this earth.. Once you enter their world and they get the slightest bit of inclination for you, you get showered with hugs and kisses at every hour of the day… The smile on their faces make you smile even though you may be having the worst day of your life..

I have a story narrated from a child from heavens point of view

My name is Muhammed Ihsaan and I am a child from heaven… I have cerebral palsy since I was born just over 9 years ago.. I remember those moments just before I entered your world when I was in a bag with red walls and a heartbeat was my music… I remember when I came out from my then “home” to enter a cold world… I cried and cried, but they continued to wash me. I was placed in this warm box they called an “incubator”. I was young and my eyes were not developed, but even with no sight my heart could feel my tears of my mother.. I wondered why she was crying because in my previous “home” the other souls use to tell stories about mums being happy when we were given to them…

After quite some time I was able to feel the very familiar heartbeat against my cheek and my heart smiled.. The days, months and years past and mum and dad kept taking me to all different doctors that tested all different things…

I will insha-Allah alert you guys on Twitter when i am posting but for now here’s a start…




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