Published January 4, 2015 by katysoqewl

Wait, this women is that guy that I secretly developed a crush ons mother… This world is wayyyyy too weird, but no time for digging into my hopeless love life… I barely processed the information when that guy said that my fois said we should meet them at the hospital… We left, the three of us in the car… I literally sat in the middle on the back seat, on edge the entire time, reading and hoping that he will be fine… We got to Shifa hospital and Emargency Care Unit was where we were suppose to meet.. The rest caught up with us as we made our way to the 4th flour.. ICU.. This very hospital brought back memories… Memories that might be list by many, but for me, it till today lives on.. Memories about the death of my grandmother on this very floor, of the miscarriage my mum had 3 years ago and of the loss of my aunts infant baby girl… As we reached the Intensive Care Unit… The nurse said that only 2 people at a time.. Aunty Zora (that guys mum) went in with Muhammed… After a while, they came out and I went in.. Sameeha was by his bedside reading Duaas, and in that moment, I saw what true love was all about.. He uttered something and she gave him a glass of water, but not once did she even touch his skin, because they were not yet in Nikaah.. And I admired her for this… She gazed il and saw me standing there.. I embraced her and uttered the words,” I’m sorry!”
Without a tear in her eye she responded,” Allah knows best..”
The courage and firmness in her imaan at that point was something I had never seen in my entire life before…. We all know that we should not question the wisdom and qudrat of Allah, and yet when we loose dear ones, we find ourselves unable to accept it and trust Allah…

Hey guys.. I’m so sorry for the short post i know I didn’t give a life lesson yesterday, so today’s one is kind of general


The above Hadith shoes us that we should try and implement sunnah in our life even if it just reading toilet, eating or car Duaas.. We should try our best to do these sunnah



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