Published January 6, 2015 by katysoqewl

That very day after I left the ward, I bumped into Ihsaans elder sister and after the introduction, she asked me to show her which ward it was… She explained that she was living in the UK and that she had just landed… I showed her and went in with her… After the greeting , the first question she asked was about his salaah and whether or not he was able to perform it… I sat there dumb founded and utterly in shock by the state of the imaaan of these people.. She never had on an abaya and yet her heart was so pure and clean… It was that day that thought me numerous lessons..

Believe that everything is from Allah and that he has an ultimate

Never judge a person on what they are like on the outside because some ugly looking shells and beautiful treasures beneath the surface….

He recovered Alhumdullilah and the wedding date was back on…
I don’t know if it was just me.. but everytime I looked at the couple after that, I saw more than just another couple.. I saw love beyond the physical appearance.. I saw love for the sake of a sole being and creator, but above all I saw love like how love suppose to be… oh and I did find a quite compatible partner or at least for that time because let me tell you after that incident I never saw neither his mum nor him ever again.. I guess well when the time is right I will get my prince charming in shining armor or better yet scre* that I want a vampire in a suit #StefanSalvatore
The day I find my guy , I can’t say I feel sorry for him but let’s just say that I’d give him the pat on the back and good luck myself..
Well that’s all from me for now ,I have one last concluding advice for everyone out there.. “You can’t plant the same seeds and expect something special to grow..”




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