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Published January 18, 2015 by katysoqewl

Uhhh… No.. I personally feel that you are vulnerable when it comes to this specific guy and he might use your feelings for him to his advantage and use you..”
“That’s a bit overrated don’t you think?”
“Absolutely not, I know what this guy is capable of and I’ve seen for myself what he does to girls… This is going to sound extreme, but I think that the best way out of this is if you forget him…”
“And how am I suppose to do that?”
“Avoid talking to him, because trust me the more you talk to the person, the more you fall in love with them ….”
“Okay… So what am I suppose to do when he phones?”
“Just say that you really don’t feel like playing his games and politely make salaam”
“Politely?? Really? ”
“Yes, remember you still have a reputation to live up to after all you still have to get married remember?”
“Aggh!! So you think that if I’m rude, he will make il some lame as* crap about me and ruin my name?”
“That’s exactly what I think..”
“Okay.. I got it, you going to be home tonight?”
“I don’t think so, got soccer with the guys.. Why?”
“Oh okay and I’m just asking..”
“Oh don’t use that line, is there something you want to tell me and just can’t say it now or are you housa and will get scared, so you want me to Skype you?”
“Can’t bluff you, can I ?”
“Well, maybe… Uh.. No you can’t..”
“I need to tell you something, but I’m not so sure if I want to..”
“Well you make up your mind and tell me before Maghreb please, so that I can tell them I’m not coming.. And don’t think you being a burden and preventing me from paying soccer because honestly you’d do the same and I know because you’ve done it before to listen to my drama..”
“Okay, I will and thank a lot hey.. ”
“You welcome…”
We cut the call.. Okay so this was it, scre* my crush.. I don’t need him and honestly I’ve functioned all these years perfectly fine on my own.. But there was still one thing I hadn’t told Randeree and I have no idea why, but when I keep things from him, it always comes back to bite me… And I feel so bad for not telling him, it is almost as though I get punished for not telling him everything…
After a while, I decided I’m telling him tonight..
I called his house phone and no one answered..
I phoned on the other number and still no answer..
I waited about 15-20 minutes and tried again..
Still no answer.. He said that I should call him before Maghreb and well it was before Maghreb, why on earth wasn’t he answering the phone..
The doorbell rang, but I ignored it… It rang again and I ignored again..
Then, something made me go to the door and guess what I find??
A note from Randeree saying that he was sorry and that I should watch out.. Lie, what the hell was that suppose to mean.., but I guess my conundrum was answered when my crush phoned later that night, laughing and playing the very conversation that Randeree and I had had..

I had no idea what to think.. Betrayal??? Or was he forced to by “crush” dude?? Was our friendship all a lie?? Did he only make me see the good in my so called “crush” ?? Why was the phone call recorded??

So many questions, and not a single answer..
So many possibilities, but what are the probabilities?
So many friends, and all I could think about was Randeree…



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