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Published January 6, 2015 by katysoqewl

That very day after I left the ward, I bumped into Ihsaans elder sister and after the introduction, she asked me to show her which ward it was… She explained that she was living in the UK and that she had just landed… I showed her and went in with her… After the greeting , the first question she asked was about his salaah and whether or not he was able to perform it… I sat there dumb founded and utterly in shock by the state of the imaaan of these people.. She never had on an abaya and yet her heart was so pure and clean… It was that day that thought me numerous lessons..

Believe that everything is from Allah and that he has an ultimate

Never judge a person on what they are like on the outside because some ugly looking shells and beautiful treasures beneath the surface….

He recovered Alhumdullilah and the wedding date was back on…
I don’t know if it was just me.. but everytime I looked at the couple after that, I saw more than just another couple.. I saw love beyond the physical appearance.. I saw love for the sake of a sole being and creator, but above all I saw love like how love suppose to be… oh and I did find a quite compatible partner or at least for that time because let me tell you after that incident I never saw neither his mum nor him ever again.. I guess well when the time is right I will get my prince charming in shining armor or better yet scre* that I want a vampire in a suit #StefanSalvatore
The day I find my guy , I can’t say I feel sorry for him but let’s just say that I’d give him the pat on the back and good luck myself..
Well that’s all from me for now ,I have one last concluding advice for everyone out there.. “You can’t plant the same seeds and expect something special to grow..”





Published January 4, 2015 by katysoqewl

Wait, this women is that guy that I secretly developed a crush ons mother… This world is wayyyyy too weird, but no time for digging into my hopeless love life… I barely processed the information when that guy said that my fois said we should meet them at the hospital… We left, the three of us in the car… I literally sat in the middle on the back seat, on edge the entire time, reading and hoping that he will be fine… We got to Shifa hospital and Emargency Care Unit was where we were suppose to meet.. The rest caught up with us as we made our way to the 4th flour.. ICU.. This very hospital brought back memories… Memories that might be list by many, but for me, it till today lives on.. Memories about the death of my grandmother on this very floor, of the miscarriage my mum had 3 years ago and of the loss of my aunts infant baby girl… As we reached the Intensive Care Unit… The nurse said that only 2 people at a time.. Aunty Zora (that guys mum) went in with Muhammed… After a while, they came out and I went in.. Sameeha was by his bedside reading Duaas, and in that moment, I saw what true love was all about.. He uttered something and she gave him a glass of water, but not once did she even touch his skin, because they were not yet in Nikaah.. And I admired her for this… She gazed il and saw me standing there.. I embraced her and uttered the words,” I’m sorry!”
Without a tear in her eye she responded,” Allah knows best..”
The courage and firmness in her imaan at that point was something I had never seen in my entire life before…. We all know that we should not question the wisdom and qudrat of Allah, and yet when we loose dear ones, we find ourselves unable to accept it and trust Allah…

Hey guys.. I’m so sorry for the short post i know I didn’t give a life lesson yesterday, so today’s one is kind of general


The above Hadith shoes us that we should try and implement sunnah in our life even if it just reading toilet, eating or car Duaas.. We should try our best to do these sunnah



Published January 3, 2015 by katysoqewl

“What!!??? I’ll be there in two”
With that I hung up and left the house…
When I arrived at fois there was already like a million cars outside.. I got inside and minutes later the ambulance arrived.. As I enters the living room, there on the couch was Sameehas fiancé, Ihsaan… He had blood all over him and was lapsing in and out of consciousness.. They placed him in the ambulance and I couldn’t help but notice that the doctor in the ambulance was the same man I had seen at Lora Jane earlier today.. We watched as the red ambulance lights turned in and off like the motions of the heart.. Pumping blood all around…

As the noise of the siren became but a silent whisper and the lights faded into the dark night, we headed back indoors.. I entered Sameehas room and there she was half done up for her wedding, sitting and crying her heart out.. I embraced her and the distress of her heart could be felt by her heartbeat.. Trying to stay strong I held back tears and comforted her by saying that Allah knew best and that he had an ultimate plan… No sooner had Sameeha fall into prostration before the lord of all the lords.. I silently left the room and was met by an elderly looking women I had not met before.. “Asalamualaykum my bachooo…” She said as she embraced me and kissed my cheek..
“Wa’alaykum salaam Ma… Can I get you something to drink ?”
I supposed she was Ihsaans family.. I sat with her on the back porch as she sipped away on a cold glass of ice tea which she had requested from me as she shared with me her journey… She began by telling me that she knew Sameehas pain and how when you love a person whole heartedly, their pain is your pain and their loss is your loss… She went on to say that nowadays the word love is thrown around too easily and people abuse the word… In the past, there was no deceit and fake love because people never had bad intentions… They loved purely and weren’t bound by any other bond except Nikaah…. The love between them wasn’t to make some other person jealous…. Well i got some pretty good advices and her love story which brought tears to my eyes.. Her closing words before we were disrupted were ,” my bachooo, when the time is right and you find the perfect boy, don’t ever ruin it with a haraam relationship.. You are a good girl and isha-allah you find the perfect match… Just then that same boy from the mall at Lora Jane walked in and guess what he called her mum!!!

What the hell!!!
He said some stuff after that, but I didn’t hear the rest..



Published January 2, 2015 by katysoqewl

Hey guys…
So I know I’ve been posting these real serious posts lately and honestly I think I’m getting a bit bored as well, so here’s one to lighten the mood…., so I’m calling it THE BREAK 😜

I switched from 1st gear straight into 5th… Honestly if I did not make it to that Forever New shop on time, I was going to be dead.. Mum told me to take a size smaller, bit I decided that size 10 would be fine… Tonight was that wedding and if I didn’t get it, I was sure to get the lecture of my life.. I pulled in the parking lot and literally ran with my abaya to the shop… I’d swear almost everyone turned to look at this girl running with her cloak in her hand and a scarf that was half falling off…
I got there and guess what “it was closed!!”
Damn it!!! Luck is just not on my side… I was beyond exhausted so I decided time to get a Bella & Boo.. I filled the cup right to the top with only yogurt and there was literally no place for toppings.. I anyway found some in another cup filled with only toppings.. The guy at the till looked at me like I was smoking my socks, but hey I had reason to be.. I sat at the table there and all I saw was cute little couples or roudy kids coming and getting their yogurt.. After a while I got up and by know my frozen yogurt was melting.. I began a slow walk in absolutely no direction and ended up by Lorna Jane Active Wear… I went inside and well I got all these weird stares so I rolled my eyes and walked out.. Just as I left the store, a young Muslim boy entered the store.. He was very formally dressed in a white kurta with a waistcoat in black. He had on a black toppee with a turban.. I think I was staring for a while and when I snapped out of my day dream, he was already walking out of the shop with a packet in his hand and an iPhone in the other….
I threw my yogurt container away and decided to go back to my car and head home.. The trip to gateway was a bust and I guess the size 10 dress will have to do…
I rushed home trying to avoid traffic by using the beach front route because the last thing I need now is for my mum to go all ninja on me because of me delaying them for the wedding… I pulled in the driveway in Essenwood road and the guard opened the booms.. I entered the house and yelled, ” mum I’m home!!” No reply came and that was kind of odd because my screaming is pretty loud.. Aunty Jannete came out from the scullery with washing and I asked her where they were.. She said that they al left in a hurry a couple of minutes ago.. I pulled out my IPhone and dialed mum.. She didn’t answer, I tried again still no answer… I tried dad and he answered.. “Asalamualaykum dad!!, where you guys?” “Ammarah, we at fois, Sameehas fiancé met up in an accident….

First lesson from this post..
Always trust mums judgement when it comes to stuff.. 99.9% of the time she is right…

The lesson from the life of Nabi saw:
Wait ibn Asim ra said that he came to Nabi saw and he told him…
“Oh Qais… Indeed there is humiliation with celebrity
And there is death with life
And there is hereafter with this worldly life
And for everything there is reckoning
And there is a guardian over everything
And there is a good reward for every good deed and there is a punishment for every bad deed
And there is an end for each life”
Please note that the above narration has been cut short and might not be the exact words of out Nabi saw, may Allah forgive me for my shortcomings…

From the above we can learn that everything has a means to an end and the repercussions for deeds are just like the deed itself… Another factor we can leave from this is that we should bear in mind the fact that every single deed that we do whether in the brightness of the day or the darkness of the night, we will be reckoned by Allah for it… May Allah grant me and all hidayah insha-Allah..



Published January 1, 2015 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum dear readers….

It is often that we become very nosy and judge human beings and although it is coded in our human DNA to make mistakes and fault sometimes these habits become perpetual and this is when it becomes detrimental..
A simple example we can relate to..
A girl gets caught with a boy during school recess behind the school and is given X,Y &Z PUNISHMENT… You were in the office when this happened and before you know it, you busy sitting on the school bench entertaining your friends with the juicy story which you added tons of Meri-masala to… You all busy pointing out her faults..
Which brings me to my next lesson for today
“All goodness to the person who is minding his own faults and keeping away from others faults” Nabi saw said.. So try to do this and insha-Allah we will be successful in this life as well as the next



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