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Published February 25, 2015 by katysoqewl

After she gave that letter to Malaika after school, we headed to the car park.. I dumped my bag in mums car and told her I was heading over to Kaylas for a bit.. We got home and after filling our tummies, we sat down in the lounge to watch some series. I grabbed the remote from her hand and switched it off. She gave me a “what the hell” look, but before she could voice her confusion, I began rambling.. I told her all about what happened and she just sat there listening.. At the end of it all she had a tear in her eye as she admitted to me something I never thought she ever would
“You know Laila I always did like him, but it’s not my style.. To you know” she burst into tears and I hugged her., “I know”

We sat there all up in tears, until the house phone made us stop.. I decided to answer since she was clearly in no position to chat to an old Aunty..
“Wa’alaykum salaam”
Replied the very familiar Malaikas voice
“Is Kayla there??”
“Actually she is um in the bathroom, can I take a message?”
“No that’s okay, I’ll call her back”
“Oh wait I think she is out, one second”
Using the very familiar excuse sometimes has its cons as well..
She conferenced the call and I remained silent.
“Hello Malika ”
“Oh hey Kayla”
Awkward silence
Awkward silence
Awkward silence
I ran to the grocery cupboard and grabbed a crunchie.. This is nail or rather finger biting.. 😜




Published February 25, 2015 by katysoqewl

Ten words seemed to have broke Malaikas heart and a tear twinkled in her eye..
I saw Kaylas eyes turn from a hard black to a more soft brown, but then pitch black again as she said, ” If you so insecure by a girl telling you this,. I don’t want to imagine what poor Ihsaan goes through with you..” She stormed of and I casually walked in the other direction.. The rest of the day, Kayla avoided talking to anyone at all.. She did her work and kept her mouth shut.. Then, there was a free period since Mr Ibrahim was not at school.. She seemed to have been writing something down and was pretty engrossed in it, so I let her be and decided to make conversation with a few other girls.. The topics included Emma Watson and Prince Harry being a couple, this whole Selena, Zedd and Justin triangle thing and series business.. After the full half an hour, she came to me and handed me a paper. I moved away and read it. A LETTER ADDRESSED TO MALAIKA.. well to be honest it wasn’t all that bad, but it was straight and to the point.. She said she was going to give it after school and I thought a little about it.. Ihsaan walked into the class after second break, and he seemed totally angry and he was frowning and clenching his fists.. A best friend instinct told me that Kayla had said something to Malaika and she told Ihsaan.. It was Maths and since we all help each other, I thought it wouldn’t be weird if I went to Ihsaan to ask him what happened.
But I guess I was wrong.. He began going on and on about how my best friend is the *french word* and that she doesn’t want to be with the guys that like her, but she also doesn’t want anyone else to be with them.. He went on to say that he use to like her and that it was the biggest regret ever.. But that I should tell her that it was a thing of the past and that he is over her..,

I stood there in shock like for about 5 minutes and tried to process this information.. He continued his maths, but no more had that angry look on his face, instead he had passed it on to me,



Published February 20, 2015 by katysoqewl

I overhear her talking about Kayla, my best friend to her group of friends..
She has been at her throat since last year when Ihsaan got between them., well it wasn’t exactly that it was just that, Malaika was dating Ihsaan, but he never really liked her. He had feelings for Kayla instead.. The feelings were never reciprocated.. Well at least until now..

Every silly issue that came up between the two of them would turn out to be a major argument, even if it was over fetching a register from the office.. Today was D day as most people refer to it.. All that accumulated hatred and feelings of animosity came gushing forth when I told her what I had heard..

You can blame me for what happened but this was long overdue and if we postponed this another day things could have blown through the roof.. I tried to stop her and try to make her calm down, but when your best friend is angry, just let her be, following close behind, should she make a mistake or need me there..

Kayla walked right over to her and gave her a tongue lashing.. It was pretty much a mouthful of words for Malaika to digest so she stood in silence at first. Then, she began.. I watched from 2 meters away with a concerned look on my face…. Then I heard the words I hoped I wouldn’t



Published February 8, 2015 by katysoqewl

“I know I’m a very difficult person sometimes to work with and I know that I don’t really congratulate and acknowledge good work, but I wanted to tell you that you really are the best at what you do, and i know I make it difficult for you at times because I have a bit ridiculous expectations sometimes.. I just want you to know that this company wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for you”

“Thanks boss.. And you the one that made me who I am..”
With that said I left his office and ran down the aisle to mine. Thorough the glass I could see color but was not sure what it was because of the fact that my glass was opaque.. I used my key card and the sliding door opened. What in earth was all of these balloons doing I my office and as I switched on the lights, there was all my co-workers with all these weird part hats screaming Happy Birthday….
Wait what date is it today. I glance at my iPhone and the date says 6 February.. Today was my birthday!!! I completely forgot, oh well I guess these jerks didn’t.. We had a kick a*s half an hour and then it was time for work again, but for some reason I wasn’t dreading it as I normally would have.. I did my work and then during the lunch hour, I went out with my co-workers, which I haven’t done.. Turns out they enjoyed my company as much as I did theirs. As I closed my eyes that night, I made up my mind that from now on my eyes wouldn’t close until I did something solely for the sake of pleasing my lord and that I was going to establish my five time prayers..

I realized the benefit kid reading my quraan in the morning and I saw the benefits manifest itself throughout the entire day.. It made me ponder and think that I had just taken out 15 minutes and had seen such bounties, imagine if I had to do this everyday..

So my story is not one where a boy comes in and whooshes me off my feet, but it is about a book that came in and whooshed my life around..



Published February 7, 2015 by katysoqewl

Okay, back to today… I snuck into bed and switched the lights off.. Apparently Eskom has no power and since that is all my dad ever rants and raves about, I decided to be a little obedient for once in my life.. I switched on my latest episode of Arrow and started watching.. After all it was Saturday night.. I was nearly finish “uprising” and you know the tension that builds up at the end. It is like the climax is at the end and the next one is the continuation.. These people shouldn’t do this to us.. They leave us in so much if suspense, we literally count the days till the next one is out…

Anyway the lights went out… AARGHH !!!! This sucked majorly.. Well that is why you have a backup plan.. Laptop on and after what seemed like ages I was done but I was like NOOO it can’t be finished.. But the plain blue screen popped up and yep it really was done.. Then I was randomly watching my favorite parts from all the different series and I came across the one part in Originals that made me think.. Klaus may be a real sick person but at times he might also say things that make you ponder a lot.. The laptops battery was still half full but my eyes were starting to pain, so I put it of and put my head in the pillow.. I was actually analyzing their whole family politics and how each and everyone if them had made mistakes, but in the end they swore “always and forever” ….

I slept on that note and early Sunday morning as I finished reading my quraan, a habit I was trying to develop, I slipped on my running shoes.. Two jogs around the block and I was back at home.. I showered and pit my pjs back on and jumped into bed.. I had one long sleep and dreamt all my problems through..

That Monday morning as I touched up on my make up and pulled a loose strand of hair that obscured my eyesight, I smiled at the mirror.. Today was going to be different, today I was going to show the world that I am not the same dropout from high school and that i have learned from my mistakes and am not the embarrassed little girl I once was. As I entered the office, I decided to see what the outcome will be if I changed my attitude.. I hurried to get my coffee from the cafe downstairs and passed by Manager Charles office. He didn’t look like he was having a very good Monday morning and already had a frown on his forehead. As I headed down, I picked up mine and picked up his too. I payed for an extra croissant for him and made my way back up. As I knocked in his door, he barked at me to come in.
“Hope you not taking early off again”
He said. I replied in the negative and then he paused a moment, noticing the coffee in my hand..
I placed it on his desk and handed him the extra croissant. He smiled at me and said thanks.. As I turned to leave, he called me back





Published February 6, 2015 by katysoqewl

It had been one hellava week with all the work.. These managers don’t exact make it very easy on you and frankly they don’t really care that you still only 19 and don’t want to slog like a slave…

I’ve been out of school school for a while now.. Academically I wasn’t that strong and honestly I was the child that made my class not get 100% pass rate, but that never deterred me. I went to a technicon and studied engineering. My family, my parents they had all told me about how useless I was and that I could barely make school. The insults decreased not even by an iota when I started technicon. I was told that it was a boys field and that what kind of women will I be. Boys will never come for proposals and I will end up like my Amina foi, all alone and looking for financial support from my brothers and sisters-in-law. The way I was treated hurt me so much some days that running away and suicide actually crossed my mind.. I am not very religious I must admit and I hope and pray that this changes. My family is not rich like at all and well since I was a drop-out as society says, my parents and siblings name went like below the belt and I have to say that although it has been years, I still feel like I was the reason behind their sadness. It was because of me that they had to go through public humiliation and it was because of me that they were embarrassed to go out for months after that..




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