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Published March 27, 2015 by katysoqewl

“That’s correct.. If this is the way you want this relationship to go, then so be it..

You can consider that as your first warning…” 

He blurted out.. I burst into fits of tears and fell on the couch.. 

He just.. He just… He just.. Uttered a talaaq… 

I was not in my right state of mind to do anything.. So I sat there sobbing like a baby while he had already left the room.. This was all too much for me.. After a while, the phone rang, I ignored it.. Moments later my mum walked through the door.. My mum is the old school type that believes that when you get married, no matter how fought the road is, you will stay in it and your janaaazah will come out of that home too. There is no such as thing as coming home like now-a-day girls.. Before the Nikaah is made the parents are reassuring her that if he doesn’t treat her nicely, she must come home.. She had a look of utter disappointment on her face and I could tell by the color of her eyes, that she was really pissed.. They were a deep blue, which means trouble.. Since little I have noticed this and as she advanced towards me, I began shaking frantically.. She motioned for me to lie down and I complied.. She gently caressed my hair and I tried to stifle my sob.. By now my dad was there too and he shook his head and walked out.., 

What have I done?? How could I let this happen ? 

I pulled through my iddat and was in the last week when I began to fear that he wouldn’t take me back and that our Nikaah will be terminated.. Just with that thought in mind, the doorbell rang.. 

Is it him?? He has 24 hours or else his time is up… 

But alas it was not him, but Mikael.. This was not right… 

“Asalamualaykum Uncle Mohsin…” 

My dad replied and not long after he dropped the bombshell… 

“I wanted to invite you to ummm… My is..” 

My heart shattered into a million pieces as I overheard the conversation with tears swelling down my cheeks.. He’s getting married??? I ran into my room and shut the door… 

I got onto my musalllah and cried my lungs out… 

Why??? Why?? Why me? Why Allah?? I began questioning Allah.. I continued for a while until I compose myself a bit and realized how wrong it was to question Allah… 

I began making repentance… And just as I said Ameen..mum walked in..

“Laila, doll, Aqeel is here for you..” 

Oh thank Allah..

I smiled and embraced her.. From that moment in I decided that it was time for me to move the hell on and start to love Aqeel… 

It was easier said than done, but gradually with time, I managed to.. By the grace and will of Allah 




Published March 25, 2015 by katysoqewl
Why are they so happy? Why are they enjoying themselves? What does he even see in her? She’s so loose… Like really.. I think she dated like everyone.. Who does she think she is? A million questions flooded my head as a gave them a wicked look of malice..
Aqeel got us a table, but we couldn’t see them.. We enjoyed a heartfelt meal, not that I came here for that, but anyway. After we were done, I ordered a Lindt pancake and a cup of coffee and actually enjoyed that, but it was short lived. As they were walking ou the door, she noticed us and came by to greet. She introduced Mikaeel and I wanted to lash out… But I contained myself..
We had this weird eye thing and after him and I broke our gaze, Layyana gave me a weird look..
And the remorse returned.. What the hell does she think of herself? Isn’t she guilty?
Oh wait did I forget to mention.. This Mikaeel was the guy I was or rather still am in love with!!!!
Aqeel gave me a stern look and I could already read his thoughts ” we need to talk”
I hap hazardly finished my snack and we left.. The drive was long and silence filled the room. Then the long awaited and dreaded question” what was going on back there with Layyanas boyfriend?”
How am I suppose to answer this?
Am I suppose to say that I use to love him, no that will sound all too childish and he might get cross about why I never told him before..
Oh Allah please swallow me up right now..
“Laila.. I’m talking to you!!” He said in a little more raised tone of voice..
“Huh… Oh.. Umm.. We knew each other back in the day..”
“What do you mean knew each other? You went to an all girls school?”
Holy sh*t.. What the hell am I suppose to say..
 “Family friend sort of thing.. But then it went sour,.”
It seemed like a pretty good excuse after all..
“Oh I see”
He seemed pretty convinced and I dropped the matter..
But before bed that night as I changed into my PJ’s, he brought it up again and oh boy the shizzz was not good at all..
This guys wasn’t some Aston Kutcher.. He was not all about jokes and humor.. He was dead serious.. “If you had just told me the truth early I wouldn’t have fumed..”
“Huh?? I did tell you the truth”
“Really? If that’s the damn truth then I’m afraid your bosom buddies from school didn’t know who you liked did they? “
He spoke to my friends??
“You spoke to my friends ?”
“Of course I did.. What did you think I was going to marry a girl I barely knew a damn thing about .”
There was silence and then he barked In a manner I have never heard before..
“You not going to apologize ?? You not sorry ?? Well if that is the case then consider this one talaaq…”
What!!!?????? 😮😮😮😮😮


Published March 22, 2015 by katysoqewl
The tension continued for a while until one day the crap hit the fan and oh well, then things got a little out of control.. 
Laila came to her husbands office and at the reception to his main office, there was the beautiful lady all flirty on the phone with someone. She waited and finally she got off the phone. 
“Is Aqeel busy? “
“Yes, he actually is on a meeting, but you can wait here, he won’t be more than 10 minutes., ” 
“Oh okay, thanks” 
She sat there paging through law firm books and looking at the pictures of cars in the car magazine. After about 10 minutes, the PA got up and headed over to the mirror to perfect her lipstick and make sure she looks perfect. This infuriated Laila even more. Then, she grabbed her bag from underneath the desk and placed it on the top. Just then a man walked in.
“You ready Hun?” 
“Yes I am” she replied as she grabbed her coat. 
Laila turned around and locked eyes with this guy. 
After Layyana had made her way over to him, their gaze still hadn’t broken. She tugged gently at his coat and he blinked numerous times and then left. Aqeel came out and she asked him what she needed to. Just then, her eyes caught a glimpse of a Jimmy’s menu.. She almost instantly put one and one together and asked if they could go out to eat as she was off from work now. He seemed a little uneasy, but after ,such persuasion he agreed and they headed to the new jimmys on the corner of mint road. We haven’t been here since they moved locations from opposite the square.. As we pulled in the parking space which is huge, ,y eyes scanned the place.. Eventually I found what I had been looking for, the so familiar Merceedes Benz E350.. We entered and once again my eyes roamed.. There in the far corner was the “couple” both laughing.. Envy immediately enveloped me and I clenched my teeth.. 


Published March 21, 2015 by katysoqewl

The moment when you realize that every person has a quality that can be loved, is the moment you will stop worrying about who you are going to marry. 

I’ve come to a realization, that every person has a quality or trait in them that can be loved, every person can be treasures beyond any measure, you just have to find what that is and that is why when a couple gets married even if they didn’t know each other, they grow to love one another because of this fact. It is so amazing that each and every person that I have encountered, possesses a different trait for which you can love them. This brings me to my story.. My story about Laila..
She didn’t get married the “normal” way.. Her parents arranged her a marriage partner when she was born and so she had no choice but to marry him. It seems like a 16th century thing to do but trust me this is real. She was at about marriageable age when her father confronted her and informed her about this. She was quite disheartened as she was “in love” with this other boy. Anyway, she got married to this guy who she had no cooking clue about. The only thing she was sure of was that he had 2 sisters and that was about it. She followed the typical Indian traditions for her wedding and that was done and dusted. Now came the awkward part, to spend time with a stranger as he was at this stage. She trend getting advice from her family and friends but they were all at a blank. She felt lonely, depressed and even wanted to commit the s word at one point. She was so disheartened that she couldn’t marry the boy she was in love with but I guess the almighty plans and his plans are always the best.. She got through the honeymoon period which they went to Cape Town for and now began life off the bed of roses.. He was a lawyer and so was constantly busy with work and she was a P.A for a Male Accountant. You can only imagine how this was. Read books and you will know that the P.A ends up having an affair with her boss.. Now this was no book.. The husband had a P.A as well and she was a thin, lean, beautiful white lady who looked as though she had never missed a meal in her life. She was the kind that her nails were always shining and that her hair was straightened to perfection. Her clothes were always without a crease and those 3 inch stiletoue heels made her look even more striking. The cherry on the top was her sweet voice. So you can imagine what that was like.. She was Muslim judging by her name , but I’m not so sure.. 
After they got married, his wife and her automatically developed a sense of competitor between them and I instinctively thought, “oh boy, here we go again.” Wife feels threatened, tells the husband to fire her or else.. He refuses.. Divorce.. Standard protocol.. But I was in for a little story changer.. The competition wasn’t about him.. 


Published March 3, 2015 by katysoqewl

Authors note: Readers, please do remember that it is Israel Apaetheid Week from the 2-8. Be sure to get yourself involved in these movements and create awareness in your area.. For more info you can go to 

Kayla was almost at apex of her party, when she asked if she could talk to her. I, as usual pretended to have to go to the bathroom and stood in the next door room.. Kayla casually asked , What’s up Humz?” 

“You don’t have to pretend.. You know”

“What are you talking about?” 

” I know about Malaika, about my brother, about everything. I didn’t really want to come when your mum invited me, but then I thought that I should just settle this issue once and for all..”

There was silence and inside i was screaming at Kayla, telling her to reply. But my best friend decides to remain silent, until Humaira sarcastically remarks

“This is the part where you say some thing Kay”

“Oh.. Sorry”

“Well I’m glad you thought about it that way”

Seriously!! Oh my word.. Forget Vocab tutorials, you need communication tutorials.. “No hard feelings, and I’m not taking anyone’s side here, all I’m saying is that maybe you should look at the bigger picture..” 

The bigger picture? What the hell is that suppose to mean? There is no bigger picture. Ihsaan, your damn brother broke my friends heart, although he doesn’t know it and you telling her to look at the bigger picture. I could not just stand there and do nothing, so I casually walked into the room, to get a phone charger.. 

“Oh hey.. Sorry man, I need the charger”

Kayla wiped away a tear from her eye.. “You alright?” 

“Yeah” she replied wiping away the tear before it ruined her eye liner.. 

“She’s just a bit emotional” said Humairaa 

Sure as hell she is. You just brought up the Ihsaan topic and you expect her not to be. She is still very delicate when it comes to the “I” word.. 

“Oh okay.. I got her it’s fine..” I said as I helped Kayla to the couch. Humaira left the room and as though on cue, her glamour boy if a brother walks in.. What on holy smurfs land is he doing here? No one invited him and besides wasn’t he the one that blabbed all those horrible stuff earlier.. His face made me want to barf (yes, I did just use that word, girl drama calls for girly words). He never said a word, just stood at the door as if waiting for something. Kayla was crying on my shoulder and so she didn’t see him. As soon as she lifted her head, he walked out the door. Okay, this just kept getting weirder.. 

She eventually fell asleep on the couch and I threw the throw-over over her. I headed out to try and find Ihsaan. Aunty Sumaya was calling Kayla fm upstairs and so I ran all the way up and down the passage to her bedroom. “Aunty sumz, Kayla is sleeping, you need something?” 

“Oh, jee please my bachu, can you get me one of those Banana Purris from downstairs and also your mummy phoned and said that they going for a far relatives mayyit, and they not sure what time they will be back, so she said you must sleep here”

“Oh okay and no problem..”

I ran to Kaylas room first, to see which bedding she had on. I hate the one she has when they washing her permanent one, but luckily I found that she had the nice one on her bed, but that was not the only thing I found. 

There was Ihsaan, standing on her bed, hanging balloons from her ceiling..

“You not suppose to be here” he said 

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like.. Wanna give me a hand?” 

“You think balloons are going to make her forget how you made her feel? Them you wrong” 

“No the balloons are just for extras.. Besides she does love balloons, doesn’t she ?” 

“Oh.. And how do you know that?”

“Which guy doesn’t know when their crush likes balloons?”

What!!? He still likes her.. Crush?

“Malaika know you doing this?” 

He seemed to infuriate when I mentioned this. 

“No.. She doesn’t and she doesn’t need to.. She likes me, so I’m dating her, but just because we dating doesn’t mean I love her” 

“Hmm” I vaguely replied

We hung balloons in silence and then when we were done, I sat on the hand.. 

“I know she likes me, it’s pretty clear, but I don’t say anything because then things will get just awkward. I like her too, but if I pop the question, I risk losing her as a friend as well” 

“I see”

“Oh and I know what you thinking and you might be right.. She is amazing and she needs to know that, so since I can’t tell her because then things will be real awkward, I made this”

He took out a scrapbook, and turned to the first page.. It had the letter A and all the wonderful things about her that begin with this letter and it carried on until Z.

 I was awestruck and I managed to say, “you really do love her..” 

“Yes I do.. Now you do me a favour and don’t tell her it was from me.”

“Why not ? She’d be thrilled if she knew” 

“I’ll tell her the day we get engaged” he winked and ran downstairs.. I sat ther smiling like a cheesecake for her. After I hurried downstairs, I saw that most of the people had cleared out and that it was a bit more quiet. I went to the lounge and Kayla wasn’t there.. 

The next moment, a shriek upstairs and I knew she had found her gift.. 

Well you all might not think that this is unusual, but to have someone reciprocate your love is pretty awesome or so I think. Kay and I have ups and downs but in the end we always pull through and come out stronger. I think that I am more ecstatic now that I heard Ihsaan admit it himself to me.. Well, for now I’m going to cuddle in and wait for another Soapie for me to act in.. 




Published March 1, 2015 by katysoqewl
So I just wanted to tell you that Ihsaan is over you and that I’m not insecure, I didn’t shed that tear because I was heart broken, in fact I shed it because I always thought the *french b word * side of you was exaggerated by people, but I guess I was wrong.. 
So, you can pull your hair from their roots about what a good guy you let slip through your fingers, but just know that even if you do get him eventually, every moment  you with him, will remind you of ME” 
Kayla was silent and Malaika hung up.. 
After the phone call terminated, Kayla disappeared into another world all together. She zoned out completely and despite by best efforts to get her to talk to me about how she feels, she remains silent.. While she was mourning on one side of the bed, I was heart-broken on the other because my favorite Star Trek actor just died.. Leonard Nimoy who acted as Mr. Spock.. He was 83 years old, but he did a fabulous job and I always had an emotional.. Just after I got over my break down I realized that I had an appointment with the orthodontist. I called my mum and asked her to phone the surgery and ask to have to postponed. She could hear that I wasn’t okay, from the sound In my voice, so she complied.. After I read my ask salaah, I went to the kitchen to help Aunty Sumaya with whatever supper she was cooking up. We practically get along like best friends and she asked if everything was alright. I replied in the affirmative and she dropped the topic. As we sipped on cups of tea later on while Kayla was asleep, just before Maghreb, she told me about her day at the office. She works three quarter day, if you get something like that, so she had a pretty hectic life, this never made her any less fun though. She isn’t the type of mum that will pressure you to tell her what’s bothering you, she’s the one who will force you to look past it , by showering you with love. And this is exactly what she did for Kayla. She asked me to make the salad and since I loved doing this I agreed. She disappeared and only came back to the kitchen 2 hours later. I was browsing through today’s cricket match highlights, when she walked in, a grin across her face. “Kayla, doll can you come with me please?” 
“Sure.. What is it Aunty Sumaya?” 
She never replied and casually led me to the outside porch. It was filled with balloons from the ceiling and lights everywhere.. 
“Am I forgetting someone’s birthday?” 
“No, I called a surprise party for Kayla, she doesn’t look too well”
“What are these for?” I asked as I walked mast the tea table which had boxes on them., like party boxes.. 
“You will see” 
She said and directed me back into the house. She locked the sliding door and signaled to me to be quiet when Kayla came downstairs.. 
We had a dream come true night and got Kaylas expression on camera when she learnt about it. 
It was a perfect night.. But I guess every rose has to have at least one thorn and so it began the moment Ihsaans sister walked through the door. She lives  in the neighborhood and so Aunty Sumaya thought it would be nice to have her over. I knew this was a bad idea, but I pretended like nothing was wrong and Kayla just ignored the poor girl. It wasn’t her fault that her brothers girlfriend messed up Kaylas day, but we figured that she knew about it, when she confronted Kayla. Thank the almighty I was there.. 

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