Published March 1, 2015 by katysoqewl
So I just wanted to tell you that Ihsaan is over you and that I’m not insecure, I didn’t shed that tear because I was heart broken, in fact I shed it because I always thought the *french b word * side of you was exaggerated by people, but I guess I was wrong.. 
So, you can pull your hair from their roots about what a good guy you let slip through your fingers, but just know that even if you do get him eventually, every moment  you with him, will remind you of ME” 
Kayla was silent and Malaika hung up.. 
After the phone call terminated, Kayla disappeared into another world all together. She zoned out completely and despite by best efforts to get her to talk to me about how she feels, she remains silent.. While she was mourning on one side of the bed, I was heart-broken on the other because my favorite Star Trek actor just died.. Leonard Nimoy who acted as Mr. Spock.. He was 83 years old, but he did a fabulous job and I always had an emotional.. Just after I got over my break down I realized that I had an appointment with the orthodontist. I called my mum and asked her to phone the surgery and ask to have to postponed. She could hear that I wasn’t okay, from the sound In my voice, so she complied.. After I read my ask salaah, I went to the kitchen to help Aunty Sumaya with whatever supper she was cooking up. We practically get along like best friends and she asked if everything was alright. I replied in the affirmative and she dropped the topic. As we sipped on cups of tea later on while Kayla was asleep, just before Maghreb, she told me about her day at the office. She works three quarter day, if you get something like that, so she had a pretty hectic life, this never made her any less fun though. She isn’t the type of mum that will pressure you to tell her what’s bothering you, she’s the one who will force you to look past it , by showering you with love. And this is exactly what she did for Kayla. She asked me to make the salad and since I loved doing this I agreed. She disappeared and only came back to the kitchen 2 hours later. I was browsing through today’s cricket match highlights, when she walked in, a grin across her face. “Kayla, doll can you come with me please?” 
“Sure.. What is it Aunty Sumaya?” 
She never replied and casually led me to the outside porch. It was filled with balloons from the ceiling and lights everywhere.. 
“Am I forgetting someone’s birthday?” 
“No, I called a surprise party for Kayla, she doesn’t look too well”
“What are these for?” I asked as I walked mast the tea table which had boxes on them., like party boxes.. 
“You will see” 
She said and directed me back into the house. She locked the sliding door and signaled to me to be quiet when Kayla came downstairs.. 
We had a dream come true night and got Kaylas expression on camera when she learnt about it. 
It was a perfect night.. But I guess every rose has to have at least one thorn and so it began the moment Ihsaans sister walked through the door. She lives  in the neighborhood and so Aunty Sumaya thought it would be nice to have her over. I knew this was a bad idea, but I pretended like nothing was wrong and Kayla just ignored the poor girl. It wasn’t her fault that her brothers girlfriend messed up Kaylas day, but we figured that she knew about it, when she confronted Kayla. Thank the almighty I was there.. 

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