Published March 3, 2015 by katysoqewl

Authors note: Readers, please do remember that it is Israel Apaetheid Week from the 2-8. Be sure to get yourself involved in these movements and create awareness in your area.. For more info you can go to 

Kayla was almost at apex of her party, when she asked if she could talk to her. I, as usual pretended to have to go to the bathroom and stood in the next door room.. Kayla casually asked , What’s up Humz?” 

“You don’t have to pretend.. You know”

“What are you talking about?” 

” I know about Malaika, about my brother, about everything. I didn’t really want to come when your mum invited me, but then I thought that I should just settle this issue once and for all..”

There was silence and inside i was screaming at Kayla, telling her to reply. But my best friend decides to remain silent, until Humaira sarcastically remarks

“This is the part where you say some thing Kay”

“Oh.. Sorry”

“Well I’m glad you thought about it that way”

Seriously!! Oh my word.. Forget Vocab tutorials, you need communication tutorials.. “No hard feelings, and I’m not taking anyone’s side here, all I’m saying is that maybe you should look at the bigger picture..” 

The bigger picture? What the hell is that suppose to mean? There is no bigger picture. Ihsaan, your damn brother broke my friends heart, although he doesn’t know it and you telling her to look at the bigger picture. I could not just stand there and do nothing, so I casually walked into the room, to get a phone charger.. 

“Oh hey.. Sorry man, I need the charger”

Kayla wiped away a tear from her eye.. “You alright?” 

“Yeah” she replied wiping away the tear before it ruined her eye liner.. 

“She’s just a bit emotional” said Humairaa 

Sure as hell she is. You just brought up the Ihsaan topic and you expect her not to be. She is still very delicate when it comes to the “I” word.. 

“Oh okay.. I got her it’s fine..” I said as I helped Kayla to the couch. Humaira left the room and as though on cue, her glamour boy if a brother walks in.. What on holy smurfs land is he doing here? No one invited him and besides wasn’t he the one that blabbed all those horrible stuff earlier.. His face made me want to barf (yes, I did just use that word, girl drama calls for girly words). He never said a word, just stood at the door as if waiting for something. Kayla was crying on my shoulder and so she didn’t see him. As soon as she lifted her head, he walked out the door. Okay, this just kept getting weirder.. 

She eventually fell asleep on the couch and I threw the throw-over over her. I headed out to try and find Ihsaan. Aunty Sumaya was calling Kayla fm upstairs and so I ran all the way up and down the passage to her bedroom. “Aunty sumz, Kayla is sleeping, you need something?” 

“Oh, jee please my bachu, can you get me one of those Banana Purris from downstairs and also your mummy phoned and said that they going for a far relatives mayyit, and they not sure what time they will be back, so she said you must sleep here”

“Oh okay and no problem..”

I ran to Kaylas room first, to see which bedding she had on. I hate the one she has when they washing her permanent one, but luckily I found that she had the nice one on her bed, but that was not the only thing I found. 

There was Ihsaan, standing on her bed, hanging balloons from her ceiling..

“You not suppose to be here” he said 

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like.. Wanna give me a hand?” 

“You think balloons are going to make her forget how you made her feel? Them you wrong” 

“No the balloons are just for extras.. Besides she does love balloons, doesn’t she ?” 

“Oh.. And how do you know that?”

“Which guy doesn’t know when their crush likes balloons?”

What!!? He still likes her.. Crush?

“Malaika know you doing this?” 

He seemed to infuriate when I mentioned this. 

“No.. She doesn’t and she doesn’t need to.. She likes me, so I’m dating her, but just because we dating doesn’t mean I love her” 

“Hmm” I vaguely replied

We hung balloons in silence and then when we were done, I sat on the hand.. 

“I know she likes me, it’s pretty clear, but I don’t say anything because then things will get just awkward. I like her too, but if I pop the question, I risk losing her as a friend as well” 

“I see”

“Oh and I know what you thinking and you might be right.. She is amazing and she needs to know that, so since I can’t tell her because then things will be real awkward, I made this”

He took out a scrapbook, and turned to the first page.. It had the letter A and all the wonderful things about her that begin with this letter and it carried on until Z.

 I was awestruck and I managed to say, “you really do love her..” 

“Yes I do.. Now you do me a favour and don’t tell her it was from me.”

“Why not ? She’d be thrilled if she knew” 

“I’ll tell her the day we get engaged” he winked and ran downstairs.. I sat ther smiling like a cheesecake for her. After I hurried downstairs, I saw that most of the people had cleared out and that it was a bit more quiet. I went to the lounge and Kayla wasn’t there.. 

The next moment, a shriek upstairs and I knew she had found her gift.. 

Well you all might not think that this is unusual, but to have someone reciprocate your love is pretty awesome or so I think. Kay and I have ups and downs but in the end we always pull through and come out stronger. I think that I am more ecstatic now that I heard Ihsaan admit it himself to me.. Well, for now I’m going to cuddle in and wait for another Soapie for me to act in.. 




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