Published March 22, 2015 by katysoqewl
The tension continued for a while until one day the crap hit the fan and oh well, then things got a little out of control.. 
Laila came to her husbands office and at the reception to his main office, there was the beautiful lady all flirty on the phone with someone. She waited and finally she got off the phone. 
“Is Aqeel busy? “
“Yes, he actually is on a meeting, but you can wait here, he won’t be more than 10 minutes., ” 
“Oh okay, thanks” 
She sat there paging through law firm books and looking at the pictures of cars in the car magazine. After about 10 minutes, the PA got up and headed over to the mirror to perfect her lipstick and make sure she looks perfect. This infuriated Laila even more. Then, she grabbed her bag from underneath the desk and placed it on the top. Just then a man walked in.
“You ready Hun?” 
“Yes I am” she replied as she grabbed her coat. 
Laila turned around and locked eyes with this guy. 
After Layyana had made her way over to him, their gaze still hadn’t broken. She tugged gently at his coat and he blinked numerous times and then left. Aqeel came out and she asked him what she needed to. Just then, her eyes caught a glimpse of a Jimmy’s menu.. She almost instantly put one and one together and asked if they could go out to eat as she was off from work now. He seemed a little uneasy, but after ,such persuasion he agreed and they headed to the new jimmys on the corner of mint road. We haven’t been here since they moved locations from opposite the square.. As we pulled in the parking space which is huge, ,y eyes scanned the place.. Eventually I found what I had been looking for, the so familiar Merceedes Benz E350.. We entered and once again my eyes roamed.. There in the far corner was the “couple” both laughing.. Envy immediately enveloped me and I clenched my teeth.. 

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