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Published April 26, 2015 by katysoqewl
He went on and on for about 10 minutes.. He said everything that goes wrong in our lives is because of me and that I was the biggest mistake he could have made.. At this point my heart shattered.. Invisible blood spilt everywhere as he took a sword and sliced through my heart.. I couldn’t take this anymore.. My swelled eyes rained salt water down my face and found itself on my lap.. Still.. His hard black eyes never turned a lighter brown.. He reminded me of all the mistakes I had made in my life and went on to say that I was the worst child he ever encountered.. My mum came in the room and tried to calm him down, but to no avail.. She eventually helped me to my feet and took me out of the room… We jumped into her car and went to my Kalas house.. She opened the door and immediately knew that the root cause of this was my dad.. She made me a hot cup of tea while I explained to her what had actually transpired.. Mum went back home.. Just as I was telling her the story,my cousin Muhammed walked through the door from soccer practice.. He immediately noticed my tears and rushed over to hug me.. I cried on his shoulder while kala made baby Malaika sleep..
After that, she came and spoke to me with Muhammed chipping in here and there… 
He’s a year elder than I am and is finishing school this year. I never had a biological big brother, but he pretty much covers up for it. He likes Salmaan and knows him quite well too.. He understands the kind of relationship we have and he cautions me when I do go off the rails.. So he decided that I should tell Salmaan what happened.. After I debated with him, he final,t convinced me that he was right.. So I decided to call on Salmaans phone.. Under normal circumstances, I would have called on the house phone, but not today.. I would have burst out crying on the phone with his mum most probably.. So I called his cell phone.. 
He picked up and was a bit surprised to hear my voice.. 

Aliya?? You okay? Don’t sound well? 

Oh.. No.. Umm., actually.. 

And I burst out crying.. I hate myself.. 

Aliyaa?? What’s wrong?? Please don’t cry.. Where you? 

I’m at my Kalas house.. 

What happened? 

My dad.. 

I didn’t need to say anymore.  He knew exactly what had transpired.. 

Listen, love, I’m sorry.. This was all my fault and I know he probably said things that hurt you, but I want you to know that all that he said was mere anger and that we all still care about you and love you.. Don’t let it get to you..

I guess I just needed someone who listened to me and knew me.. He was more than a friend and I think I needed it that way.. Because I wasn’t equipped for something like this, but I guess he was.. I didn’t want to go back home, so I took one of Muhammeds Pj’s and slept with Lidfiyyah.. I tossed and turned, admiring her chandelier because I couldn’t sleep.. Eventually I found myself on YouTube… The stuff you find on this thing.. Some people must get lives.. 
I eventually fell asleep after watching millions of videos,. Waking up for Fajr was sooooo difficult the next morning, kala literally dragged me out of bed., I read my salaah and didn’t bother learning quran because when you this tired, even 1st para is difficult.. I jumps back on bed and slept.. At about 11, someone came to wake me up.. I guess this was the new helper because I never knew who she was.. She came into the room and asked if I was okay  and if I wanted anything… 
After this I could not go back to sleep.. So I got up feeling much better than I was last night and headed to the kitchen.. Through the window shutter, I could see people… Like familiar people.. I turned on my werewolf hearing and turns out it was Salmaan and my cousins friends.. Really?? Muhammed just had to… I ignored it and continued gazing around the kitchen, while Samantha made me a hot cup of tea… 😍 
Just then, Muhammed walked into the kitchen to get a coke..

Oh, you up.. How you feeling? 

Not so good since there is people here and I’m dressed like this… 

Salmaans going to see you like this everyday once you’ll married, so he might as well get used to it,. 😜 

Oh shut up.. By the way where’s kala? 

She went over to your house.. 


I don’t know… She just said that she can’t let this happen anymore and she left..

Oh okay.. Well umm.

And before I could finish my sentence, Salmaan walked through the door, yelling 

Mo.. You making the coke?? 

He sought of stopped when he saw me.. And then casually remarked

Nice pj’s.. Very girly I must say..

I know right 

And they left the kitchen, with him winking at me as he exited the door..
Just as I was putting my mug in the sink, I heard kalas Merc pull in the driveway and a sense of anxiety enveloped me.. What did she say? Who did she speak to? 
I hurried to the front door and was met with a women who looked like she just won the Olympics.. She had this huge smile on her face and hugged me as soon as she entered.. 

“Umm.. Kala what’s going on?” 

Oh.. My baby, I convinced your dad that he needs to see a phycologist and that he needs anger management lessons.. Can you believe that he actually agreed.. I guess it was my stern voice, but it anyway did work.. 

Oh, that’s wonderful.. Jazzakallah so much.. 

You going to be saying that a million times when you see what’s on the dining room unit.. I ran into the dining room not paying attention to the group of boys playing cards and found myself at the unit.. 

There before my eyes was a pandora charm.. Daughter, Father charm… Yippee one more to add to my bracelet.. 
I went home eventually, like at night,  and I jumped into bed, after showering and kissing mum and dad goodnight. As I turned off my side lamp, there was a knock on the door.. I wasn’t afraid this time, so I said come in..
There stood dad.. A box of red Lindt and a tear in his eye.. 

I’m sorry Doll.. I guess I took my anger out on you.. I’m really sorry

.. As I heard his footsteps disappear, there was a smile on my face. The smile of pure gratitude and the smile that’s like no other smile.. 




Published April 24, 2015 by katysoqewl
Supper began in a quite normal way.. It was Friday night, so we eat quite light.. It wasn’t all that hot so mum decided burgers… I love mums burgers.. 😍😍.. We were munching away on our burgers, when dad interrupted…
“So… Umm.. Aaliya.. I didn’t see you after hifdh..” 
Holy craps… 
I was trying to find the words, but oh well I just couldn’t.. I guess I couldn’t bring myself to lie, not to my dad.. And even if I did, he would find out, he always does and then would be more mad than ever… 
“Aaliya.. I’m talking to you..” He said in a little bit more harsh voice.. This is not good at all.. 
“Oh… Umm…” 
“Where were you?? ” 
“I… I….. I.. “
You what?? You think I don’t know about you and your precious “friend” Salmaan..??
Oh no… I can’t do this… Not in front of my smaller siblings.. This is SOOO embarrassing.. 😵 
“Aaliya.. I’m talking to you… Do you really think I was born yesterday and that I have no idea what goes on in this house.? I know all about it..
Salmaan and I are just friends dad, honestly
Oh really, because the last time I checked, friends don’t call you love..
How on earth does he know.. When did Salmaan call me love that he has heard of? 
Don’t have such a glum look on your face, I heard the conversation on the phone the other night.. 
He conferenced my call?? How did I not realize?? 
Let me just warn you girl.. I’m watching you,,, 
My heart was doing 345 beats a minute and every inch of my body was perspiring.. He got up form the table and stormed off to the kitchen, banging his plate into the sink, and then leaving the house… This was not good and was my fault.. 
Mum never said a word, she finished her food and cleaned the table.. After which she retreated into the confines of her bedroom.. My siblings, scared off, went into their rooms to watch TV.. This left me alone.. I ran to my too and locked the door.. I cried myself to sleep and woke up when I heard intensive banging on my door.. This could be none other than my dad.. He returned from his reckless drive and was ready for another go around.. I unlocked the door and jumped back onto my bed.. The door opened slowly and dad made his way in… 
I looked up, with a tinge of guilt and shame… 
I might have been a little harsh earlier… 
I never responded, but looked down
I was wrong to have listened to your conversation the other day.. 
My dad never ever like ever apologizes.. So I guess that would count as an apology.. 
You not small and I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s right and wrong.. You have a mind of your own and whatever I do, is to ensure that you lead a life according the shariah.. 
Jee dad.. I’m sorry.. But there really is nothing going on between us.. He just calls me that.. And I know you do.. 
I guess he didn’t want me to talk, because then the old father was back.. He screamed all over again… I just sat there, my eyesight blurring by the formation of tears in my eyes.. Why does my life have to be this way?? 


Published April 19, 2015 by katysoqewl
Well, I got there and there was the food laid out, properly.. Like he did a better job than I would ever have done.. It was sort of embarrassing actually.. But anyway, after we ate to our hearts content which was all the food, we bagan cleaning up.. Asr time had set in and well I wanted to read my salaah.. As though he read my mind, he pulled out two musalllahs and laid them out.. He actually planned all this.. I was kind of taken a back, like I know he was a sweet guy but this just confirmed everything like twice.. He put his musalllah a little bit in front of mine and well he offered to lead me in Jamaat, but I said that it was okay and that we could read separately.. He seemed a bit disappointed, but anyway.. After we finished our salaah, we read the 80 Durood you have to read on a Friday after asr and then just sat there until the sun was disappearing in the horizon.. The once bright rays became slightly less and less, until all that remained was a soft pink colour.. I’m such a sucker for sunsets, I just love them.. 
We left just before the sun completely sets, you know the house rules, Maghreb time is deadline.. I got home, but I was scared because well dads car was parked there and what was I suppose to say?? Oh hey dad, no Salmaan and I went to the beach and spent the afternoon together.. 
This was so bad.. 
I entered the house quivering out of fear. I tried to hear where dad was, but I just couldn’t.. Having no choice at all, I ran to my room and shit the door.. I showered and put on my pjs.. 
Just as I combed my hair, there was a knock on the door.. Holy craps..  Is this dad? Who is it? What is he going to say? Am I going to go to boarding in madressa? Am I overreacting?? Okay.. Breathe.. You don’t even know who this is and you hypothesizing what they might say.. Open the door.!!! 
I reluctantly made my way to the door and turned the knob… There stood a 5 foot 6.. Mum!!! 
Shuh!! What a relieve.. 

You going to tell me what happened? 

Umm… Salmaan and I went to the beach…

Anything happened? Like weirdly happened? 

Really mum?? No nothing happened.. 

Good.. And besides you remember what I told you.. 

Yes mum, I remember.. And I understand…

She left the room as she commented 

As long as you keep it friends, I’ll cover for you

I sat there thinking about how much I love my mum.. She does everything to keep me from getting in trouble with my temperamental father.. But I guess this time, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had anticipated.. Because that night at dinner, I got mouth lashed 






Published April 18, 2015 by katysoqewl

Whatever.. And if this stuff isn’t good, you eating all of it.. 

Oh please.. You’ll eat it even if it isn’t tasty, knowing you 

Can we eat so you can stop talking 

Calm down women, it’s almost done, they just putting it in its packets.. 

We not sitting here?? 

No, that’s so boring, we going somewhere fun 😜

And where might that be?? 

Just as I asked, the food was rolled over the counter. Salmaan grabbed it and said 

If you can keep up, you will find out soon enough

He began running.. I followed him all the way to the car.. The looks we get from people are hilarious.. We drove and drove, and then we stopped at a robot and Salmaan pulled out a blindfold from the cubby and blind folded me.. Really ?? What the hell is he doing ? After I put up a bit of a fight, I decided to just give in.. So I sat like a normal human being stating into darkness, after what felt like forever the car stopped and Salmaan came around and opened the car door. He gave me a walking stick and ran,, 
I screamed after him because this stupid thing was tied so tightly, there was no way I was going to be able to untie it on my own.. I screamed and screamed and I could hear his giggle getting softer and softer as he ran away.. I stood there, trying to untie this stupid thing, when this guy cam up and asked if I needed help.. After I embarrassingly said yes, he removed the blindfold and turns out it was Maleehas Ex,, what was he doing here and why did he offer to help? This was not right.. I pulled out my iPhone from my jeans pocket and saw a snapchat notification.. I clicked on it and it was Salmaan.. His story was the video of me screaming,, God I hate this guy.. Then a few seconds later I saw a message from him saying look to your right pier.. He was standing all the way on the other side of the pier with a table, and two chairs laid out.. I smiled and started running.. 
Food time suckers.. 😝😝


Published April 17, 2015 by katysoqewl

Please remember to make duaa for all our huffadh taking part in the Quran competition tomorrow.. May Allah make them successful

It’s been one awesome week back into the groove of school since the last terms holiday.. I think that once you get comfortable being alone with yourself then everything seems fine. Well this loneliness was pretty much short lived, because although I might not have a “boyfriend”, I do have a.. I don’t know what he is.. Sometimes we just friends, sometimes we more than that and most of the time we just two random people with a hellava lot of eye contact.. He is the type of person that you can have a mature conversation with the one second and the next can be using baby language to talk to.. It is sort of nice, because you don’t have to be all grown up and neither do you have to be too childish.. He is someone that understands that there is a fine line between childishness and maturity.. He and I pretty much have the same line of thought , but we still end up having pointless arguments, just because he wants to get me cross. According to him, I’m cuter when I’m cross. I don’t totally agree but oh well, it just happens.. Anyways, it was the typical Friday just after Jumuah lunch, when Salmaan messaged.. 

Jumuah mubarak.. I wanted to know if you had scouts this afternoon

He knows that if I had scouts, that means I was off from hifdh.. So he asked in a very professional way.. I replied 

No, I don’t.. Hifdh is at school, so I’ll be done only at 4 😪

He relied almost instantly

I’m sorry, what dhor you got? 

I got 20 and 24 😪😩 and stop laughing I can already hear it.. What you got? 

Umm.. I got 30.. 😛 

Oh really.. The day I have literally the most difficult paras he has 30?? Agh I hate this.. 

Agh… Stop bragging, we will see who will be on Monday 😜

With that said, I grabbed my Quran and hifdh book and ran out the door. I usually like to walk to hifdh in a Friday, because reading dhor on a full Friday’s ouch stomach isn’t very nice.. I walked and learnt and walked and learnt, until I got to the school gates.. Finally.. Most of my food was digested by now and I was able to read normally.. I sat under the tree and learnt, resting against the bark.. It always fascinated me how even the birds are quiet when Allahs kalam is being recited.. I read over my para and just then I saw apas van pulling in.. I raced upstairs and sat patiently.. She entered and I began to read.. Well 20th first half isn’t that difficult, so I didn’t need to concentrate that much, but second half is another story all together.. I somehow managed to get through it and finished 24 as well.. Minor miracle I’m alive to tell my tale.. Any who.. I finished up there and hurried home.. The plan was to polish the dessert from lunch time, but  guess not all plans are followed.. As I walked home, trying to balance on the edge of the side curb, A car started hooting frantically and naturally I turned around, quite annoyed, but quite curious too.. Who on earth is this ? After I focussed a bit, I noticed that it was Salmaan.. Shouldn’t he be at soccer training?? On a normal Friday he is… He rolled down the window of his polo and greeted me.. 

What are you doing here? I thought… 

He cut  me off, and said 

Get in the car

I ran around and jumped into the passenger seat.. 

Buckle up.. It’s going to be a bumpy ride 

I put my seat belt on and before I could ask where we were off to, we pulled in at the airport.. What on holy smurfettes land is happening now… 

What are we doing here?

I asked relatively confused…

Well since you’ve never had Panarottis twist, I figured it would be the perfect “I knew my dhor” celebration, besides its way better than Marie biscuit dessert.. 

How’d you know I knew my dhor and what makes you think I was going to eat MARIE Biscuit dessert.. ??

Oh please love, if you didn’t know it, it would have taken you more than 20 minutes a para and standard protocol in the Dawjees house the Friday  Dessert is MARIE Biscuit dessert.. 

This guy knows me tooooooooo we’ll.. 




Published April 7, 2015 by katysoqewl
Sameer was stepping on it and the speedometer was passing 150.. The adrelanin was running through my body and I was pinned to my seat… Sameer had a frown on his face and was piping it.. We were neck on neck, when the blue lights began flashing.. Holy sh*t… The officer followed us and gave us brights so that we pull over.. 
This was not good at damn all… 
After getting through the usual… He pulled out his book and started writing out a ticket.. The guy that we were dicing in the Porsche, got out of the car and what can I say.. Some men are truly blessed.. He had an amazing body, not anorexic, and not fat, he was well built.. And his fashion style was yoh!!! He flashed two two hundred bill notes and in a whiff the officer was gone.. Only in S.A things like this happens.. 
Sameer and this guy started talking while I stared at him awkwardly… Sameer introduced me and he introduced himself… His name was Muhammed Mayat.. I immediately develops a secret crush on this guy, so a small smirk crept up on my face.. Sameer probably noticed, and he gave me a sheepish smile in return.. He jumped back into the car and offered to take us to Chateau Gateaux for dessert.. I had my usual a Black Forest Gateaux and Sameer and Muhammed shared a walnut truffle… After taking pics, so I can rub in mums face, we got right into it.. It was divine.. After we ate, we headed back home, what a night!!! 
The next day, I woke up to the sound of mum reading Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon..
There was an accident last night, and the driver was admitted to ICU.. He was only identified them morning and it was Muhammed Mayat.. 




Published April 4, 2015 by katysoqewl
I shopped and shopped and shopped.. Actually most of the things I bought included pjs and more underwear.. That’s like the only things I ever like to shop for apart from food.. I jumped into the car after I had my Adegas express 1/4 chicken and dumped everything in the back.. U patiently or rather impatiently waited for Sameer., I would have sworn I used about a gig of data on that guy.. After about 1/2 hour, he slowly makes his way to the car with a friend of his.. 
Really Sameer?? Now?? How am I suppose to swear you if there is someone else in the damn car.. Arggh.. 
He casually jumped into the car and his friend jumped in the back.. He almost sat on a parcel of mine and then there would have been world war three.. Luckily he moved it in time.. 
The boys laughed about stupid inside jokes which I had no clue about.. But my anger infuriated when I saw Sameers friend pick up a packet from the floor.. He must get his filthy hands of my packet and besides that’s the packet with my underwear in it 🙈 as if out of a damn movie, the packet fell, revealing its contents… He let out a bit of a giggle, but shoved it right back inside.. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know where to put my face.. Every time our eyes met in the side mirror, I would awkwardly look away.. The drive seemed like forever, until finally we got to my house.. I thanked him and got off the car.. I opened the gate and then the garage… There was no way I was going to open the front gate and the door.. So after the mirror garage doors opened, I ran inside, but saw a car which I’m pretty sure didn’t belong to us.. It anyway made my heart beat 180km/h.. It was a LaFerrari.. A red one… I screamed at the top of my lungs for my mum and she came there.. Casually she remarked that dad’s friend left the car here for the weekend because he was out and didn’t want to leave it in the garage.. 
Wooohooooooo party time!!!! I instantly phoned Sameer who was there in no time.. After taking about 500 pictures with it, we went back inside… I messaged uncle Ebrahim and he said we can take it for spins if we liked, we just must be careful… 
After narrating this to Sameer you can only imagine his joy.. We geared up and left the house after supper.. That freeway road to gateway really is the most amazing road to race on.. We pulled up at the traffic light and Sameer decides to flash every person on road, challenging them to a race.. After no one responds except for a charo in a box BMW who we trashed after not even 2 minutes… As we pulled up at the traffic light, a guy rolled down his window,….. He was HOT!!!! Sameer rolled down my side window and the guy challenged us to a race.. Might I add he was driving a Porsche.. The light turned green and here we go…. 

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