Published April 17, 2015 by katysoqewl

Please remember to make duaa for all our huffadh taking part in the Quran competition tomorrow.. May Allah make them successful

It’s been one awesome week back into the groove of school since the last terms holiday.. I think that once you get comfortable being alone with yourself then everything seems fine. Well this loneliness was pretty much short lived, because although I might not have a “boyfriend”, I do have a.. I don’t know what he is.. Sometimes we just friends, sometimes we more than that and most of the time we just two random people with a hellava lot of eye contact.. He is the type of person that you can have a mature conversation with the one second and the next can be using baby language to talk to.. It is sort of nice, because you don’t have to be all grown up and neither do you have to be too childish.. He is someone that understands that there is a fine line between childishness and maturity.. He and I pretty much have the same line of thought , but we still end up having pointless arguments, just because he wants to get me cross. According to him, I’m cuter when I’m cross. I don’t totally agree but oh well, it just happens.. Anyways, it was the typical Friday just after Jumuah lunch, when Salmaan messaged.. 

Jumuah mubarak.. I wanted to know if you had scouts this afternoon

He knows that if I had scouts, that means I was off from hifdh.. So he asked in a very professional way.. I replied 

No, I don’t.. Hifdh is at school, so I’ll be done only at 4 😪

He relied almost instantly

I’m sorry, what dhor you got? 

I got 20 and 24 😪😩 and stop laughing I can already hear it.. What you got? 

Umm.. I got 30.. 😛 

Oh really.. The day I have literally the most difficult paras he has 30?? Agh I hate this.. 

Agh… Stop bragging, we will see who will be on Monday 😜

With that said, I grabbed my Quran and hifdh book and ran out the door. I usually like to walk to hifdh in a Friday, because reading dhor on a full Friday’s ouch stomach isn’t very nice.. I walked and learnt and walked and learnt, until I got to the school gates.. Finally.. Most of my food was digested by now and I was able to read normally.. I sat under the tree and learnt, resting against the bark.. It always fascinated me how even the birds are quiet when Allahs kalam is being recited.. I read over my para and just then I saw apas van pulling in.. I raced upstairs and sat patiently.. She entered and I began to read.. Well 20th first half isn’t that difficult, so I didn’t need to concentrate that much, but second half is another story all together.. I somehow managed to get through it and finished 24 as well.. Minor miracle I’m alive to tell my tale.. Any who.. I finished up there and hurried home.. The plan was to polish the dessert from lunch time, but  guess not all plans are followed.. As I walked home, trying to balance on the edge of the side curb, A car started hooting frantically and naturally I turned around, quite annoyed, but quite curious too.. Who on earth is this ? After I focussed a bit, I noticed that it was Salmaan.. Shouldn’t he be at soccer training?? On a normal Friday he is… He rolled down the window of his polo and greeted me.. 

What are you doing here? I thought… 

He cut  me off, and said 

Get in the car

I ran around and jumped into the passenger seat.. 

Buckle up.. It’s going to be a bumpy ride 

I put my seat belt on and before I could ask where we were off to, we pulled in at the airport.. What on holy smurfettes land is happening now… 

What are we doing here?

I asked relatively confused…

Well since you’ve never had Panarottis twist, I figured it would be the perfect “I knew my dhor” celebration, besides its way better than Marie biscuit dessert.. 

How’d you know I knew my dhor and what makes you think I was going to eat MARIE Biscuit dessert.. ??

Oh please love, if you didn’t know it, it would have taken you more than 20 minutes a para and standard protocol in the Dawjees house the Friday  Dessert is MARIE Biscuit dessert.. 

This guy knows me tooooooooo we’ll.. 




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