Published April 19, 2015 by katysoqewl
Well, I got there and there was the food laid out, properly.. Like he did a better job than I would ever have done.. It was sort of embarrassing actually.. But anyway, after we ate to our hearts content which was all the food, we bagan cleaning up.. Asr time had set in and well I wanted to read my salaah.. As though he read my mind, he pulled out two musalllahs and laid them out.. He actually planned all this.. I was kind of taken a back, like I know he was a sweet guy but this just confirmed everything like twice.. He put his musalllah a little bit in front of mine and well he offered to lead me in Jamaat, but I said that it was okay and that we could read separately.. He seemed a bit disappointed, but anyway.. After we finished our salaah, we read the 80 Durood you have to read on a Friday after asr and then just sat there until the sun was disappearing in the horizon.. The once bright rays became slightly less and less, until all that remained was a soft pink colour.. I’m such a sucker for sunsets, I just love them.. 
We left just before the sun completely sets, you know the house rules, Maghreb time is deadline.. I got home, but I was scared because well dads car was parked there and what was I suppose to say?? Oh hey dad, no Salmaan and I went to the beach and spent the afternoon together.. 
This was so bad.. 
I entered the house quivering out of fear. I tried to hear where dad was, but I just couldn’t.. Having no choice at all, I ran to my room and shit the door.. I showered and put on my pjs.. 
Just as I combed my hair, there was a knock on the door.. Holy craps..  Is this dad? Who is it? What is he going to say? Am I going to go to boarding in madressa? Am I overreacting?? Okay.. Breathe.. You don’t even know who this is and you hypothesizing what they might say.. Open the door.!!! 
I reluctantly made my way to the door and turned the knob… There stood a 5 foot 6.. Mum!!! 
Shuh!! What a relieve.. 

You going to tell me what happened? 

Umm… Salmaan and I went to the beach…

Anything happened? Like weirdly happened? 

Really mum?? No nothing happened.. 

Good.. And besides you remember what I told you.. 

Yes mum, I remember.. And I understand…

She left the room as she commented 

As long as you keep it friends, I’ll cover for you

I sat there thinking about how much I love my mum.. She does everything to keep me from getting in trouble with my temperamental father.. But I guess this time, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had anticipated.. Because that night at dinner, I got mouth lashed 






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