Published May 2, 2015 by katysoqewl

As a muslimah living in this day and age and being exposed to so many vices, it really does take a lot of self-restraint to avoid the evil… Often, when we are caught up in a predicament, we blame our social circles, the media ect… Bottom line is that we blame everyone but ourselves for non-other than our very own actions.. Fair enough, there is outside influences, but the ultimate decision is made by us, whether we choose to do the correct thing and abstain, or the wrong thing and indulge. If we choose the former surely we shall be rewarded, but should we choose the latter, there will be befitting consequences.. And this draws me to a topic I would like to enlighten you about today… The topic of us muslimahs being able to socialize and interact on a socially acceptable level as well as prevent ourselves from falling of the edge.. People say that it has to do with your friends, and I do agree to an extent, but I think it has to do more with your upbringing… If you were raised since you were a moppet with the correct morals and values, I’m not saying that it won’t be tempting, believe you me it will be, but out of your own free will, you will realize that it is contradictory to your moral system and with the help of allah, this will steer you on the correct path.. I’m not here to lecture you on your friends, because I know you get enough of those from your parents, so take heed to my humble advices and enjoy the story.. 

Sameeha… That’s my name and what you about to read is my not so fairy tale story 
I was a straight A student all through the intermediate phase, I played in the schools Tennis team and was to some extent good looking * I’m not going to try to be modest, I’m going to narrate it as I thought I was* I was an extra bubbly person who spoke to every and anyone.. I came from an average religious family that didn’t struggle financially.. My mum wore scarf everyday, but I didn’t.. She never pushed me into wearing it as I was still young, and she said that I will be drawn to it eventually.. I dressed.. Skinny jeans, pumps, hairdos, and bling bling tops.. I was a Diva… In school I was not loved by many teachers as I had a big mouth and didn’t always hand in my assessments on time.. I was a happy go lucky child, but because I never got along with the girls from my class, I befriended girls a few years elder than me.. I never saw this as a problem, although my mum did.. They were in grade 8 and I in grade 6 at the time.. So they were getting involved with boys, and I never saw the harm in me engaging with them.. All the mall trips we had, we were meeting their newly acquired boyfriends… It was soo fascinating for me because it was like a Prince Charming story… Then, I got my own fairytale because I got involved with one of the boys in that crew.. For me it was soo fascinating because he gave me gifts and took me out for ice cream and you name it.. I never had feelings for him, but I just went along with it… But little did I know this was the beginning of my misery..

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