Published May 10, 2015 by katysoqewl

Anyway Maseeha and Tasneem became quite close and I was left on the outs.. Well, I didn’t need them because I was engrossed in Naazif… That’s right, I was still dating him after all the drama.. I thought I never had feelings for him… Turns out I did.. He promised about our future and our life together and being so gullible, I fell for it… He would phone on the house phone late at night, then we would speak, but they say the truth can’t stay hidden and as I was on the phone, mum walked in the room, I panicked… Literally I froze and forgot to cut the call.. That was it.. I got hit with the belt over and over again.. My mum was so disappointed in me, she didn’t know what to do.. My cousins and aunties kept telling me that he is just using me and that he isn’t a good boy.. They’ve seen him with so many other girls.. But I chose not to believe it.. I was head over heels in love with this guy and I couldn’t get a grip. All I thought about was him and all I ever smiled about was him.. 2 years passed and I was going to high school.. Naazif came back to out school.. He said he came back for me, but I don’t know.. We began talking during the breaks, in free periods, any time we had , we were chatting.. All my friends slowly drifted away and I made him my world..  I slept every night with a huge smirk on my face because I got an I love you and sweet dreams babe before that.. I woke up in the morning to a loving message from Naazif wishing me good day.. I was content with life.. But they say things can’t be too good or bad, it’s called “regression to the mean”.. So I got dumped.. Cutting the long story short and it sucked.. I had no ones shoulder to cry on because I pushed everyone away.. After 2 full weeks of pretending sick, I got back to school.. It was about time I set my life bake in track.. But things are easier said than done because people don’t believe that you just decided to change, they want the whole story behind it.. It was like someone was literally stabbing me in the heart all over again, when I had to explain how, when and why this happened.. The why part i still don’t know.. I eventually got one friend back, but not entirely.. My life was normal or rather average and I think I enjoyed it that way, better than having peaks.. But they say that if you don’t have ups and down you will be dead.. Then, out of the blue as though nothing happened, I get a text 2 weeks later from Naazif… Being vulnerable as I am or rather was , I fell for it.. And all that heartbreak, tears and sadness for nothing.. We were back together and I thought he loved me all along.. I decided that although we will be together, I’m not going to push everything and everyone else away… So, we continued our little romance.. I was in awe with this guy. He said the right things at the right times and always made me feel like I was the ONE… But they say it isn’t what you feel, it is what the reality of the situation is.. Because oh well.. 




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