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Published June 17, 2015 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum my beloved readers… 

We find ourselves caught right in the middle of exams and Ramadhaan has commenced.. But let us not use this as an excuse to perform Ibadah on a lesser scale.. Let us find our Allah and devote our time to him and inshallah he will make our control tests easy.. 

I just wanted to requests you guys to please make duaa for me as well as my family… Have an amazing Ramadhaan!!!! May Allah make it the Ramadhaan that changes us all for the better and may he allow us to perform acts of worship with pure intentions… 




Published June 15, 2015 by katysoqewl

My heart raced and in that moment, I felt like any other normal teenage girl… My cheeks turned every shade of pink and eventually red!!! I managed to mutter an “Asalamualaykum” but towards the end my voice dwindled down into a confusing silence… “Wa’alaykum Salaam” he replied in a voice that was barely audible.. 

This was really awkward.. Is this the part where I run and hide or close the door?? I had like a million thoughts running through my head… My thoughts were interrupted with his 

“Ummm… So.. Uhh.. I just thought I should come give you this package personally.. And not leave it somewhere or let someone else do it..” 

He removed his hand from the back and placed the medium sized box on the freezer.. Then he pulled out another LETTER.. and left it on top 

“Hope you like it.. And nice jersey and school pants situation.. You look beautiful.” He said with a smirk on his face as he left.. I stood there trying to fathom what the hell just occurred.. 

I stood there for about 10 minutes with the garage door open and everything just as it was.. Eventually, I closed the door after I snapped out of it and took the package inside.. After placing it neatly on my bed. I opened the box to reveal the entire Erogon series of books…. My heart skipped so many beats as I just realized what I had in my possession.. I know the books came out a while ago, but oh well, I never read it.. Neatly placed on the side was the movies to it toooo.. God, this guy is straight from heaven.. Okay, just so you guys know, I read the book and then watch the movie, so that I know what the characters are thinking… 

After packing them neatly away in my book cupboard, I decided to go get some goodies to eat before I start studying.. After elaborately decorating my Salticrax with tomatoe, cream cheese, pepper and onions, I headed to my room.. Asr adhaan was about to go, so I went and performed wudhu, and got ready for salaah.. After asr, is usually quraan time in my house, so I got my quraan and read my para.. Then came time to eat my snacks.. As I nibbled on them and read the letter which exclaimed his undying love for me since we had began school.. The back of my mind I thought to myself what the hell?? He never spoke to me a day in my life, except last years Science Fair when he wanted my help with something.. Apart from that, I don’t even think he knows my parents names.. Then, he went on to describe me, which might I add is a little not weird since all I ever get as a description is “nerd”.. He mentioned all my achievements since grade 1, and I must say that I forgot 3/4 of them.. I’m really not sure what my future holds, with this guy, but what I do know is that people aren’t always what they seem like and believe it or not, everyone is loved.. Yes, even that girl that wears a size 14 jeans, and has the most masculine body.. If this has thought me anything, it’s that, you should always be yourself, because there is someone out there crazy about the person you are.!!! 



Published June 3, 2015 by katysoqewl
Okay, so I went to school on Monday and as I entered our block, I had an eerie feeling.. I quickly dismissed the thought, telling myself that I’m just imagining stuff.. I passed by the grade 12 class and waved at whoever was there.. Then it caught my eye… ANOTHER PRESENT.. This one had my name on it… It wasn’t some huge parcel, it looked like just a letter and maybe a chocolate… I took it and headed to the quraan class… I’m not the friend type of person either, so I never had anyone to run to and tell them what had transpired… It was a long day at school having have to put up with fake people and insults and bullies… You know the drill.. Eventually I got home and was quite eager to read the letter… 
I ran to the bathroom, which is my number one priority when I get home and headed to my room to change… But before that I opened the parcel… It was a red Lindt chocolate an a red card… 
Carefully engraved was my name on the envelope.. I opened it and this one was a little more sentimental, nothing out of the ordinary, but one thing that surely got my attention was the name it had at the bottom.. “Zaakir!!!!” As in Zaakir Timol.???? What the hell?? Why on earth would someone like him do all this for a person like me…. Hell no!!!! This isn’t possible… This is probably someone else that just wrote his name.. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the garden boy!!!! 
I left the matter and carried on with my daily chores… I decided to forget the incident.. After all maybe it was just a set up… I honestly can’t see someone liking the person I see in the mirror.. 
Then after Monday is Tuesday… And that meant maths surprise test on any section.. Turns out it was Trig Functions.. 😪😪😪 I hate this section!! I was like really sad after writing that paper and all I really wanted to do right now is grab a book, get under the blanket and drink hot chocolate… But unfortunately, the day had to carry on!!! But they say that every bad day has a good/weird side..
I got home and well my mum made my favorite.. Lasagna….
Then came the weird part.. The door bell after mum left for shop.. 
I opened the garage as I assumed probably one of dads workers or someone.. Sitting in my school pants and jersey.. And there stood well I’m going to be cliche here, but my night in shining armor.. I lie.. In jeans and top.. There was Zaakir Timol… 

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