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Published July 17, 2015 by katysoqewl

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my wonderful readers.. Have a spectacular EID.. 😘

The hospital phoned during taraweeh to day that we should come down stairs.. I entered the room and the scene was all too unfamiliar for me.. It felt as though the angel of death was lurking about from bed to bed as I watched the patient neighboring my mum drift off into a state of permanent slumber.. The only question lingering at the back of my mind was “is it her next?” Fear, anxiety and pain filled the air around and i could feel my heart racing.. My pulse was ascending, while mums was quietly descending.. She had a midway in her mouth and was reading her kalima over and over again.. It was as thigh she knew that she was due to go anytime.. Witnessing her mum go through a similar ordeal when she was around my age, she had braced herself I guess.. My mind was working at 120 km/h, when all at once it froze.. A bolt of realization brought me back to my senses and the sound of the machines go “teeeeet” sent a shiver down my spine.. My breathing stopped and my eyes widened.. 

This can’t be happening !!!!!! 

“Dr. Fatima to B507 ” 

The words echoed in the hallways of the hospital.. 

Moments later we were being ushered out of the room and they were trying to revive her.. A life without my mother ??? A life without my pilar of strength?? A life without my best friend?? The mere thought was bad enough.. Just then I heard the machines go back on.. The weight that lifted off my shoulders can’t be explained in mere words.. 

A smile crept up on my face as I watched the doctors all make their way out of the ward.. I guess everything is a test after all.. 

Well, there was myriad people there at that moment and I was just getting hugs upon hugs from only Allah knows who those aunties were.. 

“Oh my betti, Allah saved her!” Oh and in the same breath 

“When you getting married bachooo?” You know these women.. 

Mum was discharged the night before Eid and well, we had enough preparations to do.. Horse-shoes, baklava, banana-poori and pastry.. You name it, mum made it.. At least the mitaai, foi made, so it was okay.. We were practically living in the kitchen.. I think I never did more work in my life than I did that couple of days.. 

And thank Allah for that, because Aunty Zaid came over and was pretty impressed with my level of competence in the kitchen…. So, I think I got one in the bag there.. Let’s just hope, my silent dream materialises.. 😜😜

Well, she definately told her son something, because he commented on my pic on IG of the baking.. “Heard you’ve been busy, let’s hope they taste better then they look 😉” what’s up with that winky face??!!! Damn.. Oh well, tonight I have to forget all about my great accomplishment and snuggle up, because tomorrow is EID!!!!! 




Published July 15, 2015 by katysoqewl

Dad seemed rather normal when the Nephrologist went in.. He looked like he already knew what was coming our way.. I guess life teaches you something’s.. The doctor examined her and I could just see the sad faces through but the glass window.. My heart sank as she revealed what I thought was the diagnosis to my dad.. He said that he will tell me and that I shouldn’t stress.. Dr. Fatima was always a bubbly person, so when I saw her entire mood change, I knew something was seriously wrong.. My dad held his head low as he dragged his feet that seemed to weigh a ton across the white high gloss floors of Shifa Hospital.. I didnt need him to explain, I merely hugged dad and tears trickled down my cheeks.. Mum was suffering from the same disease her mum had suffered from when she hit the forties.. 


In common English, this is cysts in the kidney.. 

Back pain and fever was quite common for mum, but I think we all secretly hoped that it was nothing but minor symptoms.. 
Taraweeh that night was performed but my mind seemed to have been elsewhere… I prayed through the night since it was big night, but nightmare visions clouded my mind.. 

With bags under my eyes, I pulled through another day.. The fast was quite hectic, but ramadhaan I guess gives you a different kind of strength.. With Eid maybe being the following day, I was receiving plethora calls… And you know how these old ladies embellish the whole situation.. Our eid preps were far beyond complete, but that was not the priority right now.. I kind of missed the taraweeh back at NMJ, since they finished on the 25th night.. All good things do have to come to an end.. I wasn’t mistaken in my thinking, because that very night mum was nearing her end.. 


The last and final post will be the night before Eid.. 



Published July 12, 2015 by katysoqewl

Mum said that i should try and hurry at hifdh, because I needed to go with her to get a few odds and ends.. With all the cousins coming here for breakfast, we had to have plethora side, sweet dishes.. So, I hurried over and thank the almighty, I was the fist one there.. After finishing my first one, I needed something to wet my throat, but I think I’ve learned the trick when yay fasting, gather the saliva and swallow, I know it’s sort of makrooh, but if I don’t, I’ll really need to break my fast.. I love that feeling you get when apa smiles at you because you killed all 3 without a mistake.. 😝.. That smile just makes you want to try even harder.. I ran all the way home, where I was greeted by quite a number of cars, which was rather odd.. I pulled out my phone, and then only realized that there was 3 missed calls from my mums phone and about 100 from a variety of others.. 

12 Wattsapps is not s norm for me.. I opened the messages and read 

“Tasneem come home now!!! Mum collapsed” 

Without reading any further, I rushed into the house.. Mum was being put onto a stretcher.. My heart sank.. Could it be her pressure and iron like normal? Or was this something else?? Dad saw me, came over and whispered something in my ear.. This wasn’t just another one of her episodes, this was something much bigger.. 
The on-call doctor said that he couldn’t divulge any information, until the specialist got there.. All he said, is that we should pray for her.. Dad and I paced up and down, rather impatiently might I add.. The seconds seem like minutes and the minutes seemed like hours, I guess when you want time to fly, it doesn’t and when you don’t want it to, it does.. After what seemed like hours, the specialist came there, it was doctor Dr. Fatima Amod.. What was the Nephrologist doing here?? Mum never had kidney diseases.!!! 



Published July 12, 2015 by katysoqewl

well, i better get to bed.. Ramadhaan days, i sleep pretty early.. Just before i dozed off into wonder land, i decided to check the latest Twitter feed and oh boy, some of these girls don’t even stop in Ramadhaan.. Their tweets and retweets about love and relationships and oh gosh, you feel like stabbing them in the neck with a knife. There are however those people who actually utilize their time and resources constructively. So, after scrolling through a bunch of senseless tweets, a few informative ones, i tucked under the blanket. Dreamland here i come.. As per usual schedule, i was awoken by the sound of mums voice.. Sehri came and went and so did fajr. When i awoke at 10:00, i could here mum screaming at someone. It was probably this new helper we got.. I was spot on, because as i exited the room, she was having it out with her right there in the passage. I’m pretty sure the entire Brickfield Road heard.. After showering and dressing, i headed to the kitchen.. i was in the mood to make a Nougetina cake.. crossing my fingers and reading my kalimah’s, i put it into the oven. Well, there was a few pages i didn’t know for my hifdh today, so i decided to go over them. Ramadhaan is hectic at hifdh. The whole 3 para thing is still new to me.. Murphy’s law, when i sit down to learn, the phone rings.. I actually contemplated not answering, until i saw “Zaid”.. That’s my “crush” surname, by the way.. So, mustering the most girly and respectable voice I possibly could, I answered the phone.. It was MIL.. 😜.. “Wa’alaykum Salaam doll, how you doing?” It began and concluded with 

“Oh, okay, just tell your mum I called please and you remember Muhammed and I in your duas” 

Okay, now for the record, Muhammed is my so called “crush” 

I hung up the phone and ran to the kitchen and took the Nougetina out of the oven.. Well, it sort of looked right.. Just hope it tastes right!! 

Nougetina cake.. 😉😉😉


Okay, so I know I’m really late with the posts and I’m really sorry.. Please do remember my family and i in your duaas.. 



Published July 2, 2015 by katysoqewl

The hype surrounding Ramadhaan was just too much for me.. The spiritual buzz everyone is on.. The quraan competitions, the laughter, the joy, the hunger, but most importantly the Taraweeh.. You know that feeling when his reading your favorite Surah and it is as though pieces of heart are coming out?? That feeling when you don’t want taraweeh to end? The feeling when you get when that first “Allahu Akbar” goes?? Well if you can relate, you are definitely in love a huffadh.. 😝😝.. Just kidding, you really don’t have to be, to get the butterflies.. But trust me, when I tell you, it’s even more severe when you are.. Well, I wouldn’t use the word love since it is a bit too strong for my liking, so I’m going to go with “like”.. Yep, that’s correct.. I like a huffadh.. Okay, first things first, I have no guys at all to even greet the guy or any guy for that matter, but I have secretly grown a crush on this boy, ever since I was old enough to like someone.. 

So, today was just like any other.. He headed over to NMJ hall to read taraweeh.. Tonight was 17th night, meaning 18th para.. Surah Noor… 😍.. I stepped on that musalllah and when the iqaamah was given my heart transcended to a whole new level.. His melodious voice ricochet in my ears and settled in my heart.. I was captivated.. The rakaats flew and before I knew it, my mutashaabihat came.. “Alkhabithatu lil khabi thina”.. This Ayat is somehow just engraved on my soul.. The meaning is simple, yet it’s depth speaks volumes…. 

I listened on with tears streaming down my face as he read the ruku “Allahu nurus samaawaati wal ardh”.. It was an exact replication of Qari Ziyaad Patels UK one.. And for those of you who haven’t heard it, I strongly suggest that you do.. 

As the last salaam was made, I smiled a full smile and turned to my mum, who knows by the way about my “crush”.. She just shook her head.. We headed home and time for family dessert.. Being a Friday night, we decided Belgium Waffles with the cousins.. So off we went.. Milo crumble and a chocolate moose waffle surely does go down well.. And after a long day of fasting, we sure deserved this.. Well, I guess, these old people like their homes after all, so after a brief walk on the pier, we were well on our way home.. 

Qari ziyaad patel link.. 😍😍

Request for Duaas.



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