Published July 2, 2015 by katysoqewl

The hype surrounding Ramadhaan was just too much for me.. The spiritual buzz everyone is on.. The quraan competitions, the laughter, the joy, the hunger, but most importantly the Taraweeh.. You know that feeling when his reading your favorite Surah and it is as though pieces of heart are coming out?? That feeling when you don’t want taraweeh to end? The feeling when you get when that first “Allahu Akbar” goes?? Well if you can relate, you are definitely in love a huffadh.. 😝😝.. Just kidding, you really don’t have to be, to get the butterflies.. But trust me, when I tell you, it’s even more severe when you are.. Well, I wouldn’t use the word love since it is a bit too strong for my liking, so I’m going to go with “like”.. Yep, that’s correct.. I like a huffadh.. Okay, first things first, I have no guys at all to even greet the guy or any guy for that matter, but I have secretly grown a crush on this boy, ever since I was old enough to like someone.. 

So, today was just like any other.. He headed over to NMJ hall to read taraweeh.. Tonight was 17th night, meaning 18th para.. Surah Noor… 😍.. I stepped on that musalllah and when the iqaamah was given my heart transcended to a whole new level.. His melodious voice ricochet in my ears and settled in my heart.. I was captivated.. The rakaats flew and before I knew it, my mutashaabihat came.. “Alkhabithatu lil khabi thina”.. This Ayat is somehow just engraved on my soul.. The meaning is simple, yet it’s depth speaks volumes…. 

I listened on with tears streaming down my face as he read the ruku “Allahu nurus samaawaati wal ardh”.. It was an exact replication of Qari Ziyaad Patels UK one.. And for those of you who haven’t heard it, I strongly suggest that you do.. 

As the last salaam was made, I smiled a full smile and turned to my mum, who knows by the way about my “crush”.. She just shook her head.. We headed home and time for family dessert.. Being a Friday night, we decided Belgium Waffles with the cousins.. So off we went.. Milo crumble and a chocolate moose waffle surely does go down well.. And after a long day of fasting, we sure deserved this.. Well, I guess, these old people like their homes after all, so after a brief walk on the pier, we were well on our way home.. 


Qari ziyaad patel link.. 😍😍

Request for Duaas.



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