Published July 12, 2015 by katysoqewl

well, i better get to bed.. Ramadhaan days, i sleep pretty early.. Just before i dozed off into wonder land, i decided to check the latest Twitter feed and oh boy, some of these girls don’t even stop in Ramadhaan.. Their tweets and retweets about love and relationships and oh gosh, you feel like stabbing them in the neck with a knife. There are however those people who actually utilize their time and resources constructively. So, after scrolling through a bunch of senseless tweets, a few informative ones, i tucked under the blanket. Dreamland here i come.. As per usual schedule, i was awoken by the sound of mums voice.. Sehri came and went and so did fajr. When i awoke at 10:00, i could here mum screaming at someone. It was probably this new helper we got.. I was spot on, because as i exited the room, she was having it out with her right there in the passage. I’m pretty sure the entire Brickfield Road heard.. After showering and dressing, i headed to the kitchen.. i was in the mood to make a Nougetina cake.. crossing my fingers and reading my kalimah’s, i put it into the oven. Well, there was a few pages i didn’t know for my hifdh today, so i decided to go over them. Ramadhaan is hectic at hifdh. The whole 3 para thing is still new to me.. Murphy’s law, when i sit down to learn, the phone rings.. I actually contemplated not answering, until i saw “Zaid”.. That’s my “crush” surname, by the way.. So, mustering the most girly and respectable voice I possibly could, I answered the phone.. It was MIL.. 😜.. “Wa’alaykum Salaam doll, how you doing?” It began and concluded with 

“Oh, okay, just tell your mum I called please and you remember Muhammed and I in your duas” 

Okay, now for the record, Muhammed is my so called “crush” 

I hung up the phone and ran to the kitchen and took the Nougetina out of the oven.. Well, it sort of looked right.. Just hope it tastes right!! 

Nougetina cake.. 😉😉😉


Okay, so I know I’m really late with the posts and I’m really sorry.. Please do remember my family and i in your duaas.. 


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