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Published August 29, 2015 by katysoqewl

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine.. ZAHRAA.. So I know I haven’t blogged for a while..  😵.. Had quite a lot on my plate.. Sorry lame excuse.. But here it is.. 😘

Being a part of a family.. Having people that care for you and love you.. Waking up with the soft voice of your mum.. These are all simple things, yet for many this is an extravagance.. Now, this might make you think “oh, really? More bayaans? We already know this” but I am hoping to open a door that I don’t think has been previously opened.. 
Growing up with a friend who really never had the privileges I did, and never had the love I did, really has altered my outlook on life.. There were days when I would go to school, only to find him slumped in his chair.. Hair disheveled and a look of sadness on his face.. My heart sank as I watched as his eyes met mine but his vision was focused on something far away. I can only imagine what must have happened last night.. My mum has been telling him to come over and sleep as well, but he says that troubling us for food and during the day is already such a burden. His dad only cares about whether or not he has enough money for his booze and cigarettes.. He gives him R100 a month and tells him to sort his life out.. His mum really isn’t the motherly type.. She is a P.A and is involved with her boss or so the story goes, and she’s never at home.. His the only child and although he regards my brothers as his brothers, I guess he still misses the fact that he has no blood family he can confide in.. Yaseen is a different person.. But do you blame him?? 


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