Published September 15, 2015 by katysoqewl

That night as I lay in bed, trying to get myself to sleep, I tossed and turned.. I laid in pensive mood for quite some time as my mind ran different scenarios and then dismissed the illogical ones.. I wondered what he must have been doing at that moment… Whether or not he had a roof over his head and it was in that moment that I realized that I loved this guy like a brother… We might not be linked by blood, but the bond we shared was unlike any other… He was this brotherly figure to me, after whom I had to look after.. I felt moisture around my eyes as I recalled some of the painful instances he had been in.. I read my fajr salaah, and decided to go for a run.. I sat at the embankment of the river and watched as dawn broke out on the horizon.. The glittering sunlight made the clear water sparkle and I sat lost in thought.. I was brought back to reality by the sudden movement in the water… A fish… I watched as it casually jumped out of the water and back in.. I was almost certain I had seen a flicker of joy in its hazel color eyes.. 

As it disappeared beneath the water surface, it created a ripple effect.. This small gesture would have seemed insignificant any other day, but today it meant something.. It thought me a lesson that no words could have thought me.. As the ripples spread and eventually reached the embankment, I watched as it drowned the weeds scattered there, but just as quickly did it return to normality.. 

In life every action that we do has a reaction.. When we do things, we shouldn’t consider ourselves only, because believe it or not, our actions sometimes determine the condition of others.. 

I returned home, perplexed at how this simple gesture some how gave me solace and comfort.. I guess I really never will know why some people don’t see the broader picture, but i think that from now on, I won’t be as oblivious to the little things in life anymore.. 

As for my brother-like friend, he will always live on in my heart and while I may not be able to comfort him verbally, I will surely hug him with my Duaas.. And inshallah we will meet in Jannah.. 



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