If He can…

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم – in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

If He can provide food for the birds in the sky 

If He can provide bones for the  dogs that pass you by 

If He can provide  shelter for the homeless man 

Then surely, provide for you He can…


If He could bring floods to a land once dry

If He can control the sun without strings to tie 

If He could create you so perfect from sand

Then surely, whatever you want Him to do, He can…


 If He could have a baby born without intervention

If He could bring honour to a disgraced nation 

If He can lengthen someones life span 

Then, surely, resolve your griefs, He can…


If for Maryam and Musa (as) He could cause a river to alter its course 

If  He can cause  the sun and moons orbit to pause 

If  for Musa  (AS) He caused the sea to part

If ,for the people of thamud, He made moulding rocks with bare hands their art 

Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He isn’t waiting to give you that jump start ??


If He could cause a blind man to see 

If He could cure leprosy 

If He can control the movement of every ant and every bee 

Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He doesn’t understand your issue’s enormity??


If He sent the Angel Gibraeel to catch Yusuf (AS) in the well 

If He removed Asiyahs soul before the boulder fell 

If He could create men that stood 30 feet tall 

Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He won’t catch you when you fall??


If He caused the downfall of Hajjaj, the king,  based solely on the duaa of Saeed bin zubair  , a young lad

If He comforted Fatima (ra) at the demise of her Dad (saw)

If he altered the apex of the sun so as to not disturb the sleep of believing youth for 300 years

Then, oh my brother and sister, what makes you think He won’t move mountains because of your tears??


If He caused the fleet of sa’aad (RA) in the battle of Al- Mada’in to cross the tigris river 

If in the battle of Mauta, when the muslims were outnumbered, He did to them victory deliver 

If He sustained a man in a whales tummy at the bottom of the sea

Then, oh my dear, why are you so anxious about His decree???

-Mualafaa بنت يا كوب


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