The heart…

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم – In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

In Surah Shams- Allah swears by the sun, the moon, the skies and the earth. Allah further swears by the Nafs and the soul. Allah gave us our sense of good and evil, our innate fitrah, the natural inclination of our heart. It is worthy to note that when Allah swears by things, it is to emphasise the importance of what is coming next and Allah has never taken so many oaths in the Qur’aan as He has in this short Surah, all to highlight this one point, “He has succeeded who purifies it (the heart)” and “And he has failed who instills it (the heart with corruption)”

This is a very significant point because Allah is showing us that at the end of the day nothing is more important than the purity of the soul. Allah pends the success of an individual based solely on the state of the heart.

Then Allah shifts focus and starts to talk about the people of Thamud and the way in which they transgressed and denied their prophet. To the unobservant heart, it seems as though the Ayaat do not link, but the Scholars have said that the reason for this switch from the self to a nation is because when we don’t have pure hearts as individuals, we become a corrupt community, corrupt society and ultimately a corrupt nation. So, while we might think that reforming ourselves will have a little impact on the global scale, Allah dispels this notion and in fact encourages us. When individuals fail to purify themselves, they become a failed nation, not just individuals as we see that Allah never gave the example of Fir’aun or Hamaan, Allah used a nation as an example.

Similarly, if we look at the companions of the Prophet ﷺ, each and every one of them was concerned with the purity and state of their heart which is why they were such a successful society. Every companion of the prophet ﷺ has a unique story, all were tested in different ways, and yet they pulled through it all. When the religion of Islam was new, and the muslims were being persecuted mercilessly, the Sahaba never threw in the towel  and had this, “even if I change, everyone else is still going to be the same” attitude. These Sahaba understood that individual purification is necessary for the ummah to succeed.

Imam Ahmed (rahmatullah allays) was once asked a question, “What is the distance between us and the Arsh of Allah?”

He replied, ” A sincere duaa from a pure heart.”

Subhanallah!! May Allah grant us the ability to purify our hearts to the point where we are able to close the distance between our souls and Allah’s Arsh. Allahumma Ameen

We live in a difficult day and age, there’s no denying that, but this is no excuse for not striving to purify our hearts, we have to at least try.

‘Never will Allah change the condition of a people, until they change themselves.’Al-Qur’an 13:11

Iman ibn Al-qayyim (ra) said you can’t make excuses for your situation.
Abu Talib, who was the uncle of the prophet ﷺ died as a non-muslim whereas Salmaan Al-Farsi, who was the son of the leader of the Zoro-Astrian faith died as a Muslim. If you are really willing to learn and change, nothing can stop you, it’s all about the purity of your heart. 
There was a man during the time of the Prophet ﷺ who had the correct beliefs before the advent of Islam. His name was Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufail. He used to make duaa abundantly for Allah to show him a sign of how to worship Him. It is reported that he used to save the girls that were buried by their parents during the periods of Jaahiliyyah. His son, Sa’ad bin Zaid was a companion of the Prophet ﷺ and asked the Nabi of Allah ﷺ what the plight of his father will be, as he had left these lands in search of the truth in his old age, before the Prophet of Allah ﷺ received Wahi. Nabi ﷺ said that on the day of Qiyaamah, he will stand as a nation of his own.
Subhanallah!! Imagine the strength of heart he had, to abandon his home town in his old age  in search of the truth. No doubt, this is an example to us all, your situation doesn’t matter if you are sincere. 
So, while it may be difficult in our times, take inspiration from this brave man. Don’t be afraid that you are the only one because in the Aakhira, you will In Shaa Allah have reward that is also very unique..
We should all make this duaa on a regular basis In Shaa Allah
– Mualafa بنت يا كوب 
Lecture by Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

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