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Published January 3, 2015 by katysoqewl

“What!!??? I’ll be there in two”
With that I hung up and left the house…
When I arrived at fois there was already like a million cars outside.. I got inside and minutes later the ambulance arrived.. As I enters the living room, there on the couch was Sameehas fiancé, Ihsaan… He had blood all over him and was lapsing in and out of consciousness.. They placed him in the ambulance and I couldn’t help but notice that the doctor in the ambulance was the same man I had seen at Lora Jane earlier today.. We watched as the red ambulance lights turned in and off like the motions of the heart.. Pumping blood all around…

As the noise of the siren became but a silent whisper and the lights faded into the dark night, we headed back indoors.. I entered Sameehas room and there she was half done up for her wedding, sitting and crying her heart out.. I embraced her and the distress of her heart could be felt by her heartbeat.. Trying to stay strong I held back tears and comforted her by saying that Allah knew best and that he had an ultimate plan… No sooner had Sameeha fall into prostration before the lord of all the lords.. I silently left the room and was met by an elderly looking women I had not met before.. “Asalamualaykum my bachooo…” She said as she embraced me and kissed my cheek..
“Wa’alaykum salaam Ma… Can I get you something to drink ?”
I supposed she was Ihsaans family.. I sat with her on the back porch as she sipped away on a cold glass of ice tea which she had requested from me as she shared with me her journey… She began by telling me that she knew Sameehas pain and how when you love a person whole heartedly, their pain is your pain and their loss is your loss… She went on to say that nowadays the word love is thrown around too easily and people abuse the word… In the past, there was no deceit and fake love because people never had bad intentions… They loved purely and weren’t bound by any other bond except Nikaah…. The love between them wasn’t to make some other person jealous…. Well i got some pretty good advices and her love story which brought tears to my eyes.. Her closing words before we were disrupted were ,” my bachooo, when the time is right and you find the perfect boy, don’t ever ruin it with a haraam relationship.. You are a good girl and isha-allah you find the perfect match… Just then that same boy from the mall at Lora Jane walked in and guess what he called her mum!!!

What the hell!!!
He said some stuff after that, but I didn’t hear the rest..




Published December 31, 2014 by katysoqewl

I would like to thank all my lovely readers out there for their support and love… Today I reached 10 000 views… You guys have no idea how much this means to me… And the best part it was in less than a year…

Rabiul-Awwal… The month the greatest man who walked the surface of this earth was born and the day this great being passed on… A man so aloof of this world that he denied mountains of gold and bribes tantamount to all the jewels of this earth.. A man whose every heart beat was for Allah and every word uttered, was in the pleasure of Allah… The only perfect example in the annals of history… A man who was given the privilege of being the imaam of all the Ambiyaa and a man who travelled on a conveyance directly from Jannah… A man who never sinned, yet was the most humblest of people… A man who was illiterate, yet thought the greatest of books ….. A man that interacted with the angel Jibraeel on numerous occasions and above all a man who in Allahs eyes were above all creation…

Our Nabi (saw)

Let us this month learn one lesson a day from his (pbuh) legacy that he has left behind… A legacy filled with wisdom and hikmat…

Kindness is the key to leading a successful and peaceful life… Let us implement this and insha-Allah we will reap what we sow…



Lots of love and DUAAS


Published December 30, 2014 by katysoqewl

Asalamualaykum readers… I created an Instagram account Hadiyyatulinisaa please do follow and drop me an email on Hadiyyatulinisaa.wordpress.com
I’m going to be posting only every weekend…

I found myself in a lot of pain constantly and I always wandered when I would become like mum and dad.. Able to do things all by themselves, little did I know that Allah had a whole other plan for me..

I never really felt any different for the first year of my life because I never interacted with other kids my age, but when I saw my cousin Muhammed Rafieq talking, walking and doing things like my mum and dad did, it hit me that I was not a regular child..

Sometimes, I see how tired my mum is after a long day and she still has to bath me and give me medication.. When I awake at night because of pain, I hate to wake her because I know she needs the sleep, but the greatest pain I ever experience is when tears roll down her cheeks because of other people’s comments or funny looks at me..
I’ve grown use to it now when people stare like I’m some alien, but my mums tears fall every single time…

I’ve travelled the world with my parents and have seen things many people haven’t.. I’ve seen hunger, war, torture and true pain, so I make shukr that I only endure a small amount of pain physically but the emotional scars when people treat me as though I am not normal.. I know I might not be like you, but I have emotions, feelings and all the other characteristics just like any of you. Also, I didn’t choose to be this way, it was Allahs will and I don’t question it… I know that I should never ask, ” why me??” And so I try not to but when people out there treat me like I’m not part of their world, it hurts me and makes me question myself sometimes… So I’m pleading to you as a nine year old child with cerebral palsy to please treat us, handicapped children with respect and love.. If you just spread a little bit of love in our direction, we will return it multiplied by 10 times…



Published December 10, 2014 by katysoqewl

I’d like to shoutout to my dear friend Tasneem Mahomed.. Happy Birthday and may Allah grant you many more that are filled with blessings and prosperity….

My mum and dad kept phoning my seat to make sure I was okay, but I hid the panick in my voice.. When we were about 23 000 feet above sea level, we started picking up again and within the next couple of minutes we were back at 30 000 feet… The plane was straightened and an announcement was made that they had recontacted the server room and that the plane was back on auto-pilot. I sighed with relief and the only closure for me was that Allah wanted to test our faith and that every matter is from the almighty above..
My trip to Dubai held more lessons for me than ever before and as my brother and I did our countdown to touchdown in O.R.Tambo International Airport, I spread a smile across my face.. Baggage collection and customs control was next, then that whole disease check thing where you look into the scanner to make sure you not bringing a virus into the country.. We were safe and sound at home as I recalled the lessons I learned..
You shouldn’t do things for the name and fame of it, especially charitable acts but solely for the pleasure of Allah because that smile on the persons face is worth more than the entire treasures of this world..

You don’t need to spend multitudes on people, you just need to spend whatever little you do with complete taqwa and with a clean heart.

The difference between us Muslims and the non-Muslims is that they will need to find answers to everything, but we can find closure in the fact that Allah knows everything and does it for a reason which he alone knows.. The famous Ayat of the quraan is that “but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you and Allah knows while you know not…

It is very rare that people actually realize how blessed they are. On this note, I would like to share with you something a friend of mine posted




I hope that one and all takes benefit from my life lessons but most of all makes Amal upon it..

Authors note:
This is the last full story for this year..
Hope you guys enjoyed the blog this year.. Hopefully more short stories in the new year.. Sorry if my posts bored you sometimes, I have my days as well. It’s been a learning experience for me and I hope it was for you too..





Published November 30, 2014 by katysoqewl

She hugged me and cried so much that It broke my heart. Her next words was about to change my life forever “He… He.. He.. There’s someone else…”
“Someone else??”
“When he went to Morocco, he…”
I squeezed my mum in a bear hug and left the kitchen…. In my room, I cried and cried…
Why on earth would dad do something like that??? My mum is perfect… She is really pretty and she is soo thin, considering her age.
I couldn’t look my dad in the eye after that and I always had this pain in my heart. When I saw her why wasn’t even a formal meeting, but at the Coca-Cola dome Eid Festival where she was with my dad and my friends and I decided to take my mum.. She was drop dead gorgeous and had light green eyes. She was thinner than I am and had skin that was almost milk white. She looked like she was 18… We crossed paths and she didn’t even bother greeting.. My dad just gave me a look like what the hell are you doing… It was from that moment that I realized that I needed to be there for her and that I needed to console her during this period of time… My dad became a stranger to me as we only spoke occasionally when it was a matter of life or death.. I think that through this incident my mum has learned not to make a person/thing your everything because it can shatter and you will be left devastated. I am not sharing my story with you to get your sympathy but to teach you a lesson that, “we are going to get married in times when people don’t honor this marriage bond and they see it as only the halal way to further their relationships.
My advice to you is that you don’t make a person your entire world and make sure it doesn’t revolve around your spouse one day because then Allah forbid something similar happens, you will be left in the dark..
I myself will never allow my husband to take a second wife, but I hate to admit it that we have to start to adapt and expect the worst, then only will we be satisfied with what we have. My concluding words to you are ” Your value doesn’t decrease my others inability to see your true worth” always remember, ” a mans first wife is Allahs choice for him after that it is his own”





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